Conscious Meditation

The path walking on the consciousness is living in the moment of time without having aversion to any of the emotions for the emotions present the life of the awareness cittā (consciousness).

This is a living science of Tantra, the ever expanding web of scientific truth which functions and is verifiable with or without faith in it, but it is triggered with an awareness of its existence. The trigger is the vibration energy that erupts with the mind and emotions in the moment of the moment itself.

One who begins to look for an affirmation or acceptance of anything that works on the conditional impulses would find a conditional response which can move in any direction either positive or negative to the conditional seeking. While those who seek nothing but walk on the path find that the nature has a pure way of expanding the responses in a manner suitable to the non-seeker. Every single moment one lives in the moment one finds evolution happening in the subtle manner in life and surrounding.

This is true detachment or Vairagya. For you know the reality and you also know the illusion, the heart be pouring out for the illusion is at play while the heart-consciousness will be very much aware of the moment and its reality in the most subtle manner. This is a moment of watching the moment within the moment itself; wherein the self is always waiting for the moment to continue the journey for it is challenging and also filled newer pastures for evolution piercing through the layers of newer illusions while living in the reality itself. The more one is able to live in the moment of the moment itself one finds that the energy patterns move in a pattern of nature creating a powerful grid allowing one to gaining deeper awareness of the cosmic consciousness.

Connecting to the cosmic consciousness allows one to create or recreate the destiny by walking with the pattern of the energy for it slowly transforms and changes the energy within your own grossest and gross levels of consciousness leading one to connect to the subtle and subtler levels of consciousness.  The force of eternal spark Kabaàl emerges from within and connects with the core of the consciousness allowing one to become aware of the self in the most natural manner.

This force is nirakaar (formless) and it is unique for every single seeker of truth for with its all uniqueness in place it becomes the most personal and intimate time for them for it allows them to unite with the energy whenever the mind and body needs and requires without any fear or guilt. This is the pure way of merging with the cosmic light fully aware, intensely in union with original source of truth through breath and as breathless joys.

This is the discipline of doing Ananth Yoga Dhyan is considered the most potent of all yogic practices for it allows one to push through states of consciousness and through grace, evolve to be the object of worship, to be one with the divine light itself of being one with the oneness.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

  1. For details on prānā-cittā shārira kindly read Soul Searchers-The Art of Breathing

  2. For details on Kabaàl kindly read Maitreya Apotheosis – Principles of Baàlalah

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Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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