Ācharyagüru Mātang Baba

Very mystical was my meeting with Matang Baba and I was never able to realise it until I actually met him. The year 1992, 1993 has been mystical for me for I had many divine experiences during that period. One was during a meeting, when this person walks in wearing a turban and suddenly it was as if a hurricane had entered the office. He had a stick in his hand, the face was bright, and beard was long and hair was matted.

He prophesied many things for many people and later he looked at me smiled and went off. I could feel the essence that flowed through his eyes. Something was strange. In a moment he came back and called me, the moment had come I believed and he started talking about me, family and other things. Many things were unknown to me and his words were strong and also had a depth. When cross checked at home, many things he had said were actually right. Many people had ran after the saint to check for there own life but he could not be traced.

Next meeting with Baba happened in midnight of 1995 while coming back from night shift I saw on the bridge and he stopped me. Something was so good about baba, though having slim body he was strong, matted hair that I did not mid stopping. On the gross level he looked like so many other Sadhu but something was special about him, the moment I had stopped the two-wheeler he took off the keys and ran on the opposite direction. Seeing him run with the keys, I also ran after him, just below the flyover was a cremation place, reaching near the place he stopped. He threw the keys back to me and said:

‘Chal khana khila –Come come give me food, I am hungry’

None was nearby the time 0105 am, I felt he was really hungry. Then from distance I saw a kulcha-chola wala(in India, particularly in North India it is common to see Kulcha Chola wala, he normally sells – naans made from dough and baked white gram vegetable). It was more strange at this time, normally you donot see such people on the roads. More like a call from nature and divine, I went upto him and got some kulcha’s and chola. Baba was standing there; he took it from me and threw it on ground. And in an instant he just touched my forehead with his index finger and thumb. Then I remembered nothing and upon waking I found myself under the bridge. My whole body was vibrating with a different kind of energy. Acharya Gurudev Matang Baba ji had initiated me in the Kevala Kumbhaka diksha where the inhalation and exhalation goes into suspension. My heart was filled with bliss and breathing resumed after sometime. This state got me to understand the flow of the breath in body properly and also is a divine gift from Baba ji. I knew that there has been no change in physical structure or nature yet something had changed in me, I could sense it, feel it and the surge of it could be easily felt.

I saw him sitting near the place and he was creating a Yantra with a twig and chanting mantra. Was he my Guru which Acharya Gurudev ji had said about?

‘Aaja aaja. Mai nahi tera Guru, kutch bate thi jo kehni thi isliye aaya- Come-Come. I am not your Guru. I wanted to say something so I came’

Time and space lost its relevance with him. It was first time I was opening up from within. Acharya Gurudev ji showed me a way to another teacher who was showing me the way Many times later I was fortunate enough to meet Baba and gain the divine knowledge of Brahma Gyana from him. He is a living saint thus age cannot be ascertained as in Himalayas he is also known as Shiva Baba, Siddheswar Nath Baba.

Matang Baba was Guru to Sabari. Matang Rishi was disciple of Aghor Baba Pinakadrik, who used to meditate at Rudraprayag in those times before moving to Kedarnath. I was forbidden to tell the story by Baba till I was able to meet my Satguru Aghor Baba Pinakadrik. Acharya Gurudev Matang Baba ji had given me the knowledge to the awakening of the mind and subtle energies; it was a preparation for me from the state of body knowledge that was provided Ācharyagüru Swami Shri Chidananda Bharati ji


My humble prostrations to the divine saint whom I have been meeting many times in subtle form and he provides me solace and solutions and he became my first Diksha Guru though he rarely agrees even now. I have been able to share this with you all with his kind permission for he had said that all the instructions, guidance and books you need will come to you. You will not be allowed to tell anyone about me until the time is ripe. After my first initiation I was blessed to see my Guru Aghor Baba Pinakadrika ji

 ~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

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