Aditya Diksha – Ananth Yoga Dhyan

The crucial element for the learner of truth is to know that the whole of the life that is alive today is based on the visible power of God that is clearly not something of a physical human form rather it is pure visible ball of energy and matter. The sun has the power for creation, sustenance, dissolution. This is the visible consciousness that the human mind can even understand at the grossest level of consciousness.

Gaining an initiation of Sun is called Aditya Diksha, this is a powerful mode of energization of the self from within through the power of the sun that is visible and connection to the powerhouse in existence within the human body. It is this point that expands and connects one to the force that balances the heat and energy within the body through the prānā-cittā-shārira1 (Life sustaining consciousness).

The core of this Diksha is so subtle that it takes one a long term of penance and awakening energy centres within the body to gain the essence of Kabaàl2. This awakening allows one to balance the earth and space energies giving a balance to the Apāna and Prāna making it balance the other 16 vayu’s in a smooth manner. The core of this initiation is energy that is waiting to be connected with the matter that in essence is looking for truth within, when one gains the initiation one finds that the body pulsates with energy and this energy pushes the energy further up in the natural manner without any unnecessary force or effort.

The flow of Apāna and Prāna in a uninitiated body moves in two separate directions while the imbalance within them creates more and more possibility of having physical, mental, emotional problems depending upon the imbalance within each of them.

Prāna is the force for life that emerges from the prānā-cittā-shārira1 and is the force that remains from birth till death. Prāna is the dutiful servant of the Subtle-Consciousness (not to be confused with sub-conscious, consciousness, supra-consciousness generally used) who keeps on working formlessly within the formed layer of consciousness that supports the gross body. The demands of subtle-consciousness on its own level are not high but the pressures from sub-conscious, consciousness, supra-consciousness levels increases the pressure on Prāna yet without any desire for any returns it fulfills all the demands in the best possible manner with the given resources. As the pressures increase the flow and energy of the Prāna changes, with drastic change the Prāna can hit back at the Prāna-cittā-sharira leading to the collapse of the neurological balance of the Central Nervous system(CNS), ANS(automatic Nervous system) and PNS (Peripheral Nervous System).

Apāna is a powerful cleanser of the body and works from the grossest levels of body to the subtle levels of consciousness. Whenever the disturbances happens at the Apāna levels one finds that the force pierces through the lower boundaries to reach higher levels of body leading to high blood pressure, palpitations, heart attack, devastating imbalances can damage respiratory tract, and can also lead one to have psychological diseases.

Aditya Diksha charges the Prāna and Apāna with positive ions, leading one to balance the Prāna within the body at the higher levels giving enough force for one to activate the inner energy by way of breath and meditation. Aditya Diksha allows the Yogi to direct the flow of Prāna downwards toward the pelvic plexus, where it mixes with Apāna having negative ions as a positive force, the powerful force of subtle air that covers the lower parts of the body. This mixing is crucial for it is here that Prāna understands and replenishes Apāna, and Apāna expands and connects it with the earth force giving the required earthing for the physical, mental and emotion bodies. The moment balance happens the flow of Prāna and Apāna moves in one direction wherein the energy merges as a united force and balances the energy centres within the body leading one to meditate in the true manner for the energy expands and explodes leaving one to bathe in the cosmic energy and light of the force of Sun itself. With deeper essence one gains the power to attain the state of Pāradhyani (one who meditates on cosmic and universal essence), the moment one attains this level of awareness one finds that the Prāna in itself is the force for life while the Prāna-vayu at grossest level is the air that sustains the gross body.  This generates a great amount of energy at the base of the spine called kundalini.

The beauty of this balance is even see on the physical level where the body is able to increase body temperature with the power of will and allows one to gain in-depth access to the core of the brain cortex to helping one to have memory power, focus and goal achievement powers at the grossest level of consciousness. At the subtle levels these balancing powers allows one to create a auric energy field around the body helping one to become immune to diseases and also expanding the energy centres allows one heal others of many of physical, mental, emotional and psycho-somatic problems.

As the energy within expands and on its expansive course moves on an endless pattern it helps one to gain deeper levels of intuitive capabilities.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

  1. For details on prānā-cittā shārira kindly read Soul Searchers-The Art of Breathing

  2. For details on Kabaàl kindly read Maitreya Apotheosis – Principles of Baàlalah

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Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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