Isā Kāyňāķ Vĩd

Isā Kāyňāķ Vĩd was the core for my advancement in knowing the truth about self. No it never happened overnight but it happened over years of sadhana that emerged from the self in complete expanse and exposure to many teachers and guides on the way leading me to meet Prajnaparamita Aghor Baba Pinakin ji, who truly epitomized the ancient sage from my childhood belief.  The teachings were revealed as a way of knowing the self in the most subtle manner, yet having multiple dimensions of truth hidden behind them. For six months the learning continued and one fine day Prajnaparamita Aghor Baba Pinakin ji just said that I should continue teaching the holy science. The day I remember it was charturdashi, in the month of April, 1996.  I knew it was right on my part to teach without completing the knowledge and also gaining the true insight for it was essential for the depth to be there in the right level with clarity of the knowledge that has been revealed to me.

Prajnaparamita Aghor Baba Pinakin ji I always used to call His divine self as ‘Baba’ for His true self represented the eternal divine form of formless Divinity. As time went by, Baba asked me to teach one more time, and yes knowingly it was not right in my heart I followed.

I taught for few months then in the end of June, 1996 while a small  session was going on, Baba looked at me and stopped me and asked me to reach Neelkantha parvat, near Badrinarayan Temple, and left. In the month of July, I managed to reach the beautiful place. Baba was there at the base, His Divine Holy Self was wearing a single cloth and walking bare feet, no words need to be said, I too removed the shoes, a moment of fear flashed maybe the cold…. But it vanished seeing the eyes of Baba. I quietly followed in the footsteps, the weather was not good, but I was feeling warmth around me. After climbing for some time, Baba signaled me to stop; His Divine Holy Self came close to me and touched my shoulder. Tapped on my forehead and then touched on my head blessing me. His Divine Holy Self sat down and asked me to sit, I could sense a deep fire emerging from within my own self, it was expanding and expanding, I was feeling the energy surrounding me. It was then I head Baba calling me, I opened my eyes and I was seeing light everywhere, as if the whole sky has come down on earth, lighting up the whole place.

I saw Baba’s hand rising and there I saw the Divine Lord Emerging on the Nilkantha Mountain top and in a flash the whole mountain transformed into the ancient Sage I used to see. Then everything was so strong that I had to cover my eyes. I wanted to stand up but I felt the ground was shaking, my whole body was shaking and the illumination on the mountain was nearly impossible for me to keep my eyes open. I stopped struggling to stand up and tried opening the eyes, but I could only see the toes. My mind wanted to have the darshan of the Divine I had seen, felt, known from my childhood. It was something which people seek for many lifetimes but are rarely blessed with. I could not understand what to do? Then I called out Baba mentally. Baba could sense my most intimate desire in heart, Baba called me and as I reached close to His Divine Holy Self, sat near His Holy feet, still not able to open the eyes. As time moved I could feel the sweet fragrance of flowers, but the whole area was completely silent. No voice, no sound, nothing it was pure shũňyātā (dynamic void). It was then I could sense the strong fragrance of flowers and ashes close to my body, surrounding me completely then a soft touch was there above my head.

Can words describe the moment, if so I may not be competent enough to do it. But the joy within me was so overwhelming that I just opened my eyes. I found that whole of my body was sitting on a subtle energy body. I was like a baby sitting in the lap of the Holy Divine. I was just in awe, long flowing hair, beard, face so beautiful and reflecting golden hue, right feet was touching the ground and on the left feet I was sitting. Bluish hue flowed around the neck. I could not see the lips move but I could hear a soft voice. Like a mother feeding the child, Holy Divine revealed the knowledge of ‘Isā Kāyňāķ Vĩd’. I was drinking the whole beautiful knowledge for it was the divine knowledge I had sought throughout this life. Then the powerful and divine diksha of Isā  Vĩd (Light of Isā) was bestowed on this humble student. I was also bestowed with two divine holy gifts Rasadhara sthamba and a spathika sthamba.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

 Aghor Baba Pinakadrika ji                                                                                                  A query

3 thoughts on “Isā Kāyňāķ Vĩd

  1. A blessing to read this and can imagine how beautiful an experience it could have been. I am really blessed!!! Thank you Maitreya ji


    1. It’s truely an amazing to read this article & then suddenly knowingly/unknowingly I started living in that space & time which took me into deep meditative state, lots of voices & then a sudden silence, my body was shivering & was weeping when I came out of it. Thanks Maitreya ji


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