Awakening the Consciousness

It is seldom one accepts the beauty of human life. The depth and expanse of the self in human consciousness is not different from any other species for the core of energy and universal spark remains same yet lack of awareness and knowledge brings about the difference. Each precious moment as a human is for the purpose of enhancing more of consciousness and coming closer to the Source.

The journey of the consciousness is heightened by the awareness of coming closer to the inner wisdom. With the merging of the awareness one connects to the spirit within allowing the spiritual empowerment to connect with the wisdom.

This awakening of the wisdom allows one to live within the realm of the spirit itself giving the spirit in essence to be in bliss. It is not a bliss based on certain norms or conditions rather it is based upon the self within the self. The whole course of action begins when one remains highly alert and is completely involved within the mind about the core of the journey and purpose. The object during the whole course of awakening remains the body and the energy centres that are eternally active at grossest, gross, subtle, subtler and subtlest levels of consciousness. Alertness at the body and energy centres slowly expands and connects with the inner realms of the mind and spirit while the body celebrates with fulfillment of desires, hopes and dreams while expanding the consciousness with each passing moment. This sense of working brings about worship to happen at the subtle energy centric sounds known as mantra working through all realms of visible forms of body, energy, matter and consciousness.

Thus at this realm it becomes the mother of all meditations, for meditations emerge from the subtleness within the self through the vibration of the matter and energy itself. It is for this Kabaàl-prānā-cittā sadhana the practitioner or sadhaka is aligned to receive grace by invoking the power of the infinite Source for the self, and for the entire world. Thus the emergence of Ananth Yoga Dhyan emerged.

The subtle energy expansion begins from the balance of Apāna and Prāna that connects with the prānā-cittā shārira, for the prānā-cittā shārira is the representation of the infinite in the form of spark within the body. The moment subtle awareness at mind level expands one connects to the divine through focus at the merging point within the xiphoid process near the centre of the ribcage. This in itself looks like a inverted pointed sharp short-sword. It is the powerful point within the body it is like a wand of light that connects our own inner Light rushing above through the spine.

 Kabaàl-prānā-cittā sadhana is a process of invoking the union of the infinite Spirit within and the Divine cosmic universal formless light that eternally wants to merge with the spirit in essence without any differences happening at any dimensions. It is this union that allows one to realize the radiance of the infinite energy through the power of infinite connection with the Kabaàl-prānā-cittā sadhana

 ~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

  1. For details on prānā-cittā shārira kindly read Soul Searchers-The Art of Breathing

  2. For details on Kabaàl kindly read Maitreya Apotheosis – Principles of Baàlalah

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Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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