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Expanse of experience is needed through self study and inner delving. The teachings and learnings from scriptures are good but all of them have to be tuned this time and space. Those that doesn’t rhyme with heart, mind and consciousness at logical, rationale and analytical levels have to be discarded. This then allows one to…


Churning of self and selfless happens when one resists the true flow of divinity to hold on to a named divinity. This is the original sin that one held, exploited and misused over thousands of years. A teacher who shows you formed divinity and one who shows the selfless formless divinity. He who holds the…

Eye of Nature

Namaskar Eye of the nature is so beautiful and deeply penetrating that it sees through all camouflage, layers of conditions and all fake and pseudo thoughts and understanding. It pierces through all layers leaving one stark naked as one born from nature. This is natural state of being that emerged when one realises the quintessential…

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