Knowing the Divine

In this world, only Karma Bhava and Sneha Bhava remain steadfast outliving even glory, in time. Karma Bhava is that action which is committed keeping in view larger good and expecting or wishing nothing in return. Sneha Bhava is unconditional love for the supreme Creator’s creation which is all around us. As a human, utmost that you can serve the Divine Creator is by taking an oath to be part of the new wave of life as is the wish of the Divine Creator. As HIS Divine Child, it is for you to recognize your divine duty to uphold the Dharma (not to be confused with the religious connotation it has become equivalent to) which is The Truth and shall remain so for millions of years to come if it is combined with these two divine flow of emotions.

It is similar to the passion and love that is required to nourish a child from birth by a mother. Your passion for fulfilling the divine task, when compounded with surrender is what forms serving the cause of Truth and Dharma. It is not easy to be blessed with a human life and form, moreover it becomes nearly impossible to gain the insight of the divine with ritualistic tendencies. When the divine is there to show the way and HE himself has blessed this movement can anything else matter? It is easy to get carried away with what life offers and people have been dragging their lives as if it is a burden and they are forced to live by nature. Is this truly the way life was designed by the divine for us? Or is it our choice to live life this way? We love to discuss philosophy, science, medicine, religion and everything under the sun at one go but do these truly unveil reality or has the reality changed anything within us? It is time for a change which is already working through us to build a new wave… a new wave of living life which holds the answers to all our queries. This way is HIS way and is not as per our choices, which most of the times anyway fail us and we in turn fail to truly adhere to them. There is only one True Guru – the divine Himself – rest all of us are mediums for HIS work and the moment we start feeling that by doing some rituals in HIS name HE would be pleased with us and grant us the material goals in life, that is when the problem starts for HE never tires of giving, but it is us who get tired of asking. The begging bowl of Baba is nothing but the Kapala which represents our endless desires and the bowl can never fill up because it always remains eternally empty. Yet when the work assigned by HIM is done, the bowl fills in to provide the nectar of life and shows the path of eternal bliss to the one serving. The staff in HIS other hand represents the attachment and support we always seek yet we get punished by the attachment and support itself. This bliss of nectar of life does not want us to move away from the life we are living but it wants us to be detached with the way we are living with self-created assumptions of attachments. The form of the Divine is like a child who loves to be part of us for we are part of HIM though we never want to acknowledge it for we fear that we might be going against the scriptures. But then how many have actually understood the scriptures? Very few or only a handful of people, and those who have understood, are lost in bliss to even talk about it. It is not easy to put into words the force of the Creator for HE is neither in the deities we worship nor in the rituals that we perform. These are the norms and names created by the society but the true essence is beyond all this and this in itself simplifies the essence of the divine and imparts it innocence like that of a child. It is easy to know what the child wants if we are simple enough, similarly to know the Divine, one becoming simple in essence is more important than spending hours performing rituals. We have become complicated for we look at rituals and conditions than the essence to whom it is offered.

Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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