Mahaāgnī- Energy and Consciousness

Energy surrounds us; energy on its own is neutral, silent. On the grossest level of consciousness we can feel the energy, know the energy but also feel that it remains dormant throughout.

The core of energy is creation, sustenance, dissolution, concealment and bestowing, but on its own it remains unknown, dormant, and silent and only awakens when the focus happens through matter. The more subtle the focus happening through the matter the more subtle awareness and its levels shall be. The whole working happens through the way of thought, the more creative the thought the more subtler creative aspect of energy is seen, this aspect happens on the negative aspect of the thought too.

The thought is energized by the attention, interest, passion and love for the thought for the energy moves in the direction of the thought itself. The obstacles on the path is handled through the thought movement itself, it is this power of thought that allows others to be part of it or of negating it; the issue becomes difficult when those who have to part of it show interest at the grossest level of consciousness while ignoring it completely at the level and depth of the thought itself. This ignoring aspect may bring about a sense of ignorance, guilt feeling, sense of pushed out but the essence is to keep focusing on the thought itself for giving proper direction to the energy and giving it the level and depth required for attaining the goal of the thought itself.  This is the core of ASTITVA (existence), if this is not happening then the whole life just remains a way of survival at the grossest levels of existence.

The depth of the thought brings about one to rise above the anger, envy, jealousy and fear to connect to the thought itself in the proper way, wherein it changes and transforms the one working on the thought itself first before expanding and allowing others to connect to it. So the spark of energy that emerges from the thought becomes a universal pool of energy when the core of thought becomes part of larger group of people leading them to go live in the core of existence wherein every moment becomes fulfillment.

It is this thought that emerges as wishes, desires, hopes in the minds of people. Wishes, desires and hopes are connection to the energy at different levels of consciousness, having its own push and pull. Proper coordination between the push and pull of the energy brings about a balance in creation, sustenance, dissolution, concealment and bestowing. If the pushing or pulling is too much without proper understanding, relating, knowing or acceptance it shall just evaporate and merge back into the energy itself.

The whole of the universal law is based on these ideals; most of them can be known, understood and accepted when one goes deep within to know the truth in the true and proper level of consciousness. All the visible objects in the universe stars, satellites, asteroids, comets, planets, hues, halos, life forms experience these forces in continuous manner. The pull and push happens between these visible objects and the unseen levels of conscious energies allowing one to see the balance happening for the visible matters and objects; thus holding the energies from falling and merging into the unseen energy matter.

The core of push and pull allows one to become aware of the subtler thoughts that are running behind the levels of thoughts they are working upon allowing one to evolve or de-evolve or be neutral depending upon the action or inaction or ignorance shown by them, it is this action of action or action of inaction or action of ignorance that provides a result. This result in the grossest level is called Karm or law of causation. As the subtlety rises within it emerges and becomes part of the spirit in the journey. This energy movements is the Mahaāgnī or Cosmic fire that the consciousness realizes and rises with each passing moment. When the law of causation is negated or burned out through another equal and opposite law of causation then it merges back into the Mahaāgnī.

Mahaāgnī is a core one moves continuously with us forcing and pulling the self within to connect with itself, this pulling is the Divinity within every life force that is attracted every moment of time while the push is the grosser level of consciousness with the ‘love of life’. Till the time the pull and push are happening at equal level the life within the grossest level of consciousness remains afloat while as one tilts towards spiritual aspects of life or reaches towards of end of death of the body one finds that pull within the Mahaāgnī becomes higher. On the spiritual levels the Mahaāgnī burns away the layers of grossest, gross, subtle, subtler layers of consciousness allowing one to live in the subtlest levels of consciousness while the body and mind moves through the grossest, gross, subtle, subtler layers of consciousness based on the conditions and norms. While as one moves near death the Mahaāgnī burns and lives on the moments of law of causation and Gross levels of consciousness. Thereby the whole life continues in a natural flow of movement based on the tilt they have acquired through the flow of Karm, the movement may be forward in a positive manner, forward in a negative manner, backward in a forward manner and backward for stillness in the movement.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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