Brāhm Piśāca

Brāhm is the highest consciousness truly expands beyond the realm of God and Divinities. Brāhm is the purest state of visible and invisible consciousness at all levels from which even the energy and matter emerge. All seekers of knowledge follow the path of religion and its science, they take upon the grossest level of understanding of Divinity in forms of deities, names, images, forms visible or invisible; the Brāhm at this level is dormant and remains dormant, till the moment one commits to follow the path.

At the grossest level of understanding divine one also holds on the forms of deities, names, images, forms visible or invisible at gross level containing Kama vasana (Lust),  Krodha (Anger),  Moha (Attachment),  Lobha (Greed), Mada (Egoistic Pride),  Matsara (Jealousy), Swartha (Selfishness), Anyaaya (Injustice), Amanavta (Cruelty), Ahankara (Ego) within the flow.

Till the time one is following a ritual or a method of worship the Brāhm-Cittā  remains dormant but as soon as one makes a commitment the Brāhm-Cittā within the deities move into the subtle realm. This is called God-Commitment.

A realm wherein the Cittā (Consciousness) emerges as the source of creation, sustenance, dissolution, concealment and grace and based on the level of the activeness the energy and matter emerges, merges and re-emerges as part of the cittā itself at that level of awareness.

Commitment is like a one way path wherein the whole essence undergoes a process of change and transformation from the Cittā-anū (Celullar Consciousness) levels and what goes in and what comes out will be different. There might be some visible physical changes but the true change occurs within the self, the consciousness reaches a higher realm evolution. At the grossest levels the life force within is connected through a process of respiration cycle connected through a biological essence called Prāna Cittā Sharira (The body held by Life force) that is managed by Sthūĺa Prāna (gross life force), but when the transformation happens then  Prāna Cittā Sharia remains only as Prāna Cittā (Life Force). The universe and individual both merge allowing the Prāna to remain as the subtle thread to pure consciousness.

The whole process after the commitment is like a major cosmic surgery, wherein everything is at stake. While many at the grossest level of consciousness knowingly and unknowingly make commitments and then try to back away it would be imagining someone just trying to sneak away in between the process of surgery and running away. The whole of the inner being would be out in open,  energy and matter would be in flux, while the Cittā (consciousness) filled with Kama vasana (Lust),  Krodha (Anger),  Moha (Attachment),  Lobha (Greed), Mada (Egoistic Pride),  Matsara (Jealousy), Swartha (Selfishness), Anyaaya (Injustice), Amanavta (Cruelty), Ahankara (Ego) becomes part of the spirit in essence. Such a flawed spirit filled with flawed energy and matter would never be at peace for the connection remains with the Brāhm but the communication link of energy and matter  with Cittā would be dangerously unintelligent, illogical, non-conforming to universal laws and highly destructive to self and others.

Such spirits have low moral values and low trust points, thus they never show there true face to anyone, there is nothing transparent about them, everything is shrouded, dark, dirty and silent. Everything about at the physical levels would be similar to all normal human beings committed or non-committed, enlightened or non-enlightened. They are completely intoxicated, by the physical understanding and desire, wantonness, lust, ruttishness, rut; holding the reins of
pride, arrogance, presumption, conceit they move around.

Such spirits can never be trusted, they shall have fake imaginations, following a path of deception and in the process they shall keep damaging there own Cittā(consciousness) at every moment of time, breaking the already damaged energy  signals and vibrations leading to a destruction of the matter in the most inhumane manner. Survival for them remains crucial thus they hold the hands of fakery, deception, deceptive tactics, creation of differences as tools for committing treachery by making promises, creating trust, showcasing innocence while slowly they keep breaking the promises, shattering the trust and conniving ways and means to lay a siege on the mind, and destroy the vitals and viscera and the strength and lives of men. This is what makes them deformed and a  Piśāca (Conscious flesh eater). The physical body that one makes of them are nothing more than a illusion for they are possessed of complete decaying mind and understanding holding a empty airy bodies of emotions , yet a composed completely of distorted conscious for their own existence.

Not that such spirit in essence cannot feel pain, pleasure, happiness, sadness, sorrow, they do feel but it is rare and felt more or less by the heat or cold energy siphoned from the unsuspecting and trusting spirits. Since the core is still aware of the breach of commitment it seeks repentance and forgiveness but the possession of desire, envy, fear, anger and avarice, lead to more delusions and fake illusion. The spirit keeps on taking birth after birth seeking to find solace to the troubled mind but the load of desire, envy, fear, anger and avarice keeps on increasing with each rebirth. They are fallen spirits even though originally they might have evolved to the heights of of Gods but now they have fallen even below the basic conscious levels of humans, even though some of the physical features or characteristics may still point to the original form they might have acquired.

Such spirits can be very creative and they do prefer darkness  for the coming of such a spirit itself darkens even the brightest areas in life, slowly withering away the liveliness of the world around and slowly and steadily they bring the dirt, gloominess in the lives of people and life around them mostly in a slow manner and sometimes instantly. The darkness they spread is of ignorance, fear, occult, where the humaneness, compassion and sensitivity is lost.The deception is so strongly created that the whole things looks real and once the act of deception has happened then they completely change their stand or vanish like sparks of fire in daylight.

Is there a way for such fallen spirits of consciousness to rise from the darkness ?

The way for them to rise can emerge from within them if they are ready to break free of desire, envy, fear, anger and avarice. Delve deep within to gain connection with the consciousness that they almost forgot from an ancient period; this is not an easy task for they have been slowly and steadily destroying their own energy and matter in the most wasteful manner. Such rising of spirits by themselves rarely happens.

The second is the triggering factor who would be a external awakened spirit who can take such fallen spirits to rise again. Certain Awakened Spirits are able to wash away or take away most of the darkness and dark deeds of such fallen spirit consciousness but it is completely cleansed once surrendering happens. This surrendering is again a process of rekindling the commitment that the fallen spirit had breached, the moment fire within is rekindled through complete surrender ( Shāranagāti), the deceptive layers that has formed over the core of truth shall be broken showing the true awakened spirit within.

The rising of such fallen spirits  again is based on freewill and choice of the fallen spirits. If they again chose to fake the commitment or breach or choose to keep falling to deeper rut of perversion of desire, envy, fear, anger and avarice then none can help them and slowly the spirit within them dies out and only darkness, dark energy and dark matter remains which is nothing but ashes of the once living that shall vanish within the cosmic flow of energy of matter, alive spirit of energy and matter.

Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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