Realization and Enlightenment- II

For understanding enlightenment is it is like a beautiful story where one day the Guru(Master) in an Ashram announced to the world that one of the Shishya’s (Disciple) who was with him for a long period has reached the stage of enlightenment. Hearing this news many of the people in the nearby areas and people in the Ashram felt the need to meet the Shishya.

Everyone asked one question ‘We heard that Guru has announced that you are enlightened. Is it true?’

The shishya looked at them and said ‘It is’

 The next question was ‘How do you feel? Anything you tell will guide us’

The shishya said ‘I feel as miserable as ever’ and walked off.

This is the true state of a enlightened being for you have to be somebody before you can be nobody otherwise it would be difficult to lead a life. There has to be balance between the outer body and the inner body, outer mind and inner mind, outer spirit and inner spirit, outer conditions and inner conditions, outer concepts of unconditional norms and inner concepts of unconditional norms. Unless this balance occurs the trance varies from one level to another.

This balance can occur only when the phases of the mind changes from one level to another otherwise the person has to leave the society to move into recluse. If this is not done the society will term such people as mad or lunatic or tear the person apart for His innocence since the evolving purity cannot be gauged, understood and related by people around. Only a Satguru (Awakened Spirit Consciousness) knows this and only such a Awakened Spirit Consciousness can provide ways and tools for the acceptable  balance to happen.

One can dream, and in the dream one can become a butterfly who is fluttering here and there; moving from one flower to another, collecting and drinking the nectar from so many varieties and then suddenly you wake up and you shall find yourself on the bed nothing but a normal human being.  ‘Who are you then? A man who dreamt of the butterfly or butterfly who dreams about being a man’, during this whole phenomenon who was drinking and collecting the nectar?

This is the situation of a person who is enlightened for such a spirit has to maintain the balance between the spiritual end of life one has achieved and the relationship with the physical world. The problem is the spirit is subtle and subtle mind reside in subtle body; while the physical world needs a gross spirit and gross mind that resides within a gross body. Both the worlds are different for the physical world is in reality a illusion that takes the form of reality while the spiritual world is real that looks more like a illusion. The gross physical world becomes like a light on the wick of the candle  while the spirit within becomes the wax that burns bright to spread the truth throughout the world but in essence it is allowing the spirit to reach higher realms of evolution.  

The simile can be seen in the  life of flower, the flower loses it meaning once it has bloomed, for it is then not related with the plant which gave it life and also everything which the bud needed to have flowered into a full-blown. The identity, the ego, the self lost its meaning the moment the bud bloomed into a beautiful flower. As long as the society, and the community found that the flower was fulfilling the conditions providing the sweet fragrance, it was recognized, shared and as the moment came for withering out and die… none cared! Life moves on and does not wait for anybody.

The whole purpose is expanding, connecting and merging reaching the first step of knowing and living called Enlightenment. Enlightenment is a journey of liberation from the material world for the body, allowing the mind to merge leaving the spirit in essence to dance. This is the first step towards knowing the true meaning of meditation, devotion, Karma and Akarma; it is a moment of breaking free from the state of the conditions of life. Enlightenment dwells in the absolute truth of our life. It is only related to our true inner self… our soul (the true self of us). And the moment our soul realizes and reaches its final potential… the need for the body vanishes.

Each higher level of enlightenment beings has to merge with the sublime light and thus the consciousness becomes more and more purer. Each higher realm of enlightened being brings about a change in the society through revelation from the Divine Consciousness allowing the millions of other souls wandering in the illusory material world to walk on the path of righteousness.

Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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