Realization and Enlightenment- I

When someone says Dhyana, Bhakti, Gyana, Karma marga what comes to our mind, lot of Saints and their miracles. When we think of Messiah we think of miracles, but Buddha, Mahavira never did any miracle, so they are not true saint.

Doing miracles is the work of providing a solace to the mind of the seekers that the person who is doing the miracle is beyond the common man. But Enlightenment is entirely different for a person who does miracles may not be a enlightened person he may be a realized soul but not enlightened one.

What exactly is the difference between realization and enlightenment then, Realization occurs at every stage of life, we realize lot of things over the period like the knowledge of the chemical combination of the elements in nature, mathematical solution to problems, in life also we realize the way of behaviour between people (we know how to behave with wife, children, mother, father, boss etc) each is separate yet the person is same. Then who realizes the mind or the Body?

Similarly when we have pain in the head, neck, ear, nose, hand or any other body part who is suffering mind or Body? When the pain is there is it possible to work on the optimum level. Can he thoughts occur properly or the mind goes back to root.

Ask a hungry person the difference between body and mind he would say ‘Food’. All these activities in life create a vision of understanding of the gross body, gross mind only. There is no involvement of the Subtle body or subtle mind.(please forget about soul here for it is nowhere)

This is a stage of discrimination where everything is compared. This is the normal lives people live they compare everything from food to spiritual lives of people.

When somebody whom you are love with is in pain, you lose out on the favourite examination, some death happening then what would happen. A new realization occurs. The hunger becomes secondary, a person in that state will rarely feel hungry, the body is not in pain yet the mind is. Which mind are we talking about that mind which supported the body earlier when the body was hungry, no we are talking of the mind which is more subtle and more powerful here. That mind is the place which is active when we get involved in a thing seriously gets activated, like studying, dhyana, bhakti, karma, love etc. Does the body gets agitate over it no, it takes its time, a little pang of hunger for a short period then it grows beyond the gross level to a subtler level, here it moves with the subtle mind and grows beyond the known purview of the body. It is the stage where small miracles happen, study of a subject for 2 hours before examination makes the
student pass the exam, prayer for a sick person is heard, certain intuitive capabilities occur.
This is the stage of Subtle Realisation. In this stage the Mind gets on the mission of clearing the impurities by a desire less performance of Karma, he grows day by day, birth by birth through the hands of a worthy Master, learning the subtle art of swimming in the ocean of divine bliss. This transforms the mind to look inwards where (a true question, the subtle body which cares and the subtle mind which is calm to the noise outside is the base for it to start the search, while the gross body and grow mind is working out the gross/ mundane act of living a life normally). This transformation is slow for quality of the Life being lived (this is called Tamas one who yearns and searches for something beyond yet he is not clear about the whole thing) and the quality of life wanted (This is called the Rajasic tatva where the mind is very ambitious, on the front it is silent yet the mind seeks and works for the more ad more achievement).The miracles of dividing the river, creating ashes, creating food etc are done during this phase. This is the stage of the Siddhies or Riddhies or powers or manifestation.

The third stage of realisation is more interesting for it happens only in a mind that has become subtle and steady through assiduous practice of surrendering. The day when one experiences that Bliss is the one who is liberated even while still alive. This is the stage of Thoughtless mind. Very strange to hear for every one who is in the spiritual master talks about it.

What is thoughtless state, deep sleep is the level we are talking about. For one-two hours in the night you are in a state of deep sleep. Here you donot dream neither is there any motion in the body, no thoughts, a state of pure Shavasana. You are breathing yet the breathing is so slow and deep that a person has to watch you carefully to know that you are sleeping otherwise you would look dead. That is the state we are talking about, thought less state.

Do we not achieve this thing in stage one and stage two of realisation(there are more than 72 levels of realisation before we reach this stage; here we have taken a example of only three). In the first stage we are like people who learn swimming through books without even going to water. In the second stage we have entered water and have started the feeling of enjoyment of it, now we dive in to get more and more experiences it is like getting a pearl from the ocean. In this stage, the divinity awakens and realization happens that the ocean from which you have been things one by one is yours and yours alone.
In the waking state the world exists while in deep sleep the world just vanishes, it is like the web-thread of spider which it uses for creation of the web from its mouth and also withdraws it when the wok is finished. The waking state of mind is like that for it creates a world around us and in the deep sleep it vanishes. When the world is real the inner self sleeps and when the inner self awakens the world disappears. This is state of Atma Gyana. The self is realized, the inner self awakens from sleep and the subtle mind goes to even subtler levels where the inquiry vanishes only the acceptance comes. The subtle mind may be active or inactive it is least bothersome for the Self is Active. When the Self is active then the gross body is just a shadow and nothing more for the subtle body and subtle mind takes over the job of the Gross Body and Gross Mind. This is known as Self Realisation.

Here the Energy of the Realisation is so strong that even the closeness of the person can help you in many ways to grow. It does not require lot of discussion to happen for the want is simple and the result is also simple.

Enlightenment truly a unique word, truly a unique experience or is it.

It is considered to be the ultimate showering of the divine for the seeker this is the first thing that makes the life go around full circle to reach this state. People seek enlightenment without understanding the basic facet of the divine showering. What happens then nothing then what is Enlightenment for them nothing.

Nothing has become a source of enlightenment for most of the seekers today. Is it enlightenment then?

Even the people we think are enlightened have failed in the path. For most of them never sought or wanted enlightenment (it was perceived by people around them that they sought enlightenment), one can find many divine seekers who have made a name for themselves but could not reach the state of enlightenment they were seeking.

Even a guidance of an enlightened master does not guarantee enlightenment to the shishya (disciple). We had talked about the third stage of Realisation where the Self is Realized what more is to be achieved.

This state of Realization is the first state of Enlightenment (Self-Less State), there are 21 more steps to go. This is considered the first state of enlightenment when the Soul of the seeker merges with the soul of the world. He can only see the light of the soul everywhere.

This is the most depressing stage also for the moment this stage occurs the subtle mind loses out the focus for he starts the feeling of cosmic neutrality. This stage has been mentioned as the state where Lord Shiva is in the form of Shava (corpse) and Shakti is all powerful. This is the Tamo-satvic state of realisation where the Shakti is in the form of Maa Kali standing on the body of Lord Shiva.

It is the most dangerous situation where the seeker becomes the son of the divine but who has reached the verge of puberty. This is the state of Yogi (Yoga-Cittā-avāstha) where the body is merged with mind, mind merged with subtle body, subtle body merged with subtle mind, subtle mind merged with subtler body, subtler body merged with the subtler mind. This combined strength of the bodies and mind are standing on the dormant soul. The seeker is not easily controllable, his powers flare up easily, his anger is high, he is agitated and state of peace and calm is for shorter period. He is a Guru, a Satguru for people around him yet He in himself is nothing more than the disciple of His own Satguru, it is a state where the light merges with supreme light, heart merges with supreme heart, Cittā(Consciousness) merges with Pārāmcittā(Supreme Consciousness). It is a moment of true Yoga a moment of true merging and an emergence of a Yogi and final merging allows the Yogishvāra (Divine Incarnation) to emerge. During this moment of merging if the connection between the Guru, Satguru and Divine Consciousness is lost due to bodily requirements and needs then the body-mind loses all the saneness and merges with the world of insanity.

This stage is unique for this is what people perceive as Enlightenment where there is no difference between the Self-consciousness and its radiance. This cohesive force of body and mind is considered by many as Jeev-Atma (Body’s soul, there 14 more souls) which is only one having no difference between Being and its inner radiance.

Jalaludin Rumi has cited this stage as

‘Try and be a sheet of paper with nothing on it.

Be a spot of ground where nothing is growing,

where something might be planted,

a seed,


from the Absolute’.

 This is the stage ofsitting and contemplation. The thoughts will not have any words neither would it have any visual, neither anything that you can relate to neither something to hold on to yet the thought would be there.

विचार अविचार चिंतन अचिंतन

चेतन अचेतन उन्माद उन्मेश

सांझ की उस बेला में

हर दर पर देखा है

रोशन होता एक सवेरा

ना आवाज़ है ना अंदाज़ है

सब सिर्फ़ एक सफ़र है रूहानी

रूह के अंदाज़ को जाना है अब मैंने

जब सांझ में देखा उगता सूरज

मंद मंद मुस्काती किरणे

गर्माहट से मुझ को है घेरे

सब कुछ है शांत यहा पर

कुछ और नही अब इस दुनिया मे

Vichar Avichar Chintan Achintan

Chetan Achetan Unmadh Unmesh

Sanjh ki us bela mein

Har dar par dekha hai

Roshan hota ek savera

Na awaaz hai na andaaz hai

Sab sirf ek safar hai roohani

Rooh ke andaaz ko jana hai ab maine

Jab sanjh mein dekha ugta sooraj

Mand mand muskati kirane

Garmahat se mujko hai ghere

Sab kutch hai shaant yeha par

Kutch aur nahi ab is duniya mei

This is the most depressing state for the mind feels blank; the feeling of uselessness of the life is felt. The seeker feels that nothing more is there to achieve. He is like the person who has reached the highest peak in his life, achieved the most miraculous feat a living being could attain but now what.

The identity is lost; it is like somebody who has wiped all the information on the mental plane. Even the name looks alien to the seeker. Half the way He has travelled becomes vague, hazy and not in sequence.

 The problem becomes more aggravated when the person has to live in family mingle with friends, go to office, and have a relationship with the society. Imagine the situation where the seeker who has lost everything (that relates to the normal world even his name) trying to live in society which has its own norms. It is like having a pure white paper or a new life form that is empty, filling every moment of time with thoughts and conditioned understanding that the emptiness cannot understand yet the body and physical mind see’s its marks.  

 ~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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