Realization and Enlightenment PART – III

Enlightenment is the path of purity, which means the inner core has to be stable, even if the body and physical structure may wither away. There is a depth of knowing the right from the wrong, ways and means would be shown by the enlightened path but when too many wrongs keep happening from the world view it looks as if the whole process of enlightenment is not connected with the truth but a sense of negativeness comes in.

This negativeness is the view of the world for the world looks with the unethical and superfluous illogical ideas. An enlightened person may have millions of followers but he may a very small or no number of people who are disciples who would like to do deeper sadhana to reach the source pathway of Truth. The core remains the error of people misunderstanding the whole nature of Realization and Enlightenment. Realization is a way, that one attains, ignites and moves on, while Enlightenment is way of non-activeness, non-doer and non-attainer.

At the grossest level of consciousness one realizes every moment of time, from the time of physical birth itself, one realizes that one has mother, father, relatives, sun, moon, darkness, morning, names of items, gadgets, day to day requirements and there supportive tools and equipments. Every single day and every single moment we learn from family, friends and society, when we experience the physical learning we realize it and grow, similarly in education system we learn the alphabets, languages, science and other subjects and slowly we start living them and they form the morals and values that see transformation and change with each passing day. This recognition within is crucial for one to be acceptable by the family, friends and society else they will remain an outsider. This awareness, knowledge and experience makes one more and more conditioned within oneself, though passing hundreds of moments of realization one rarely touches the core within yet one finds that some is always missing within. The core yearns and wants to be silent, be there and know. Why does the core seek? Want to be silent? Know what?

Though on the way religious ways and methods too come into picture, many scriptures bring interest within you, the core reads biographies and life stories of many inspiring people and sometimes the eye moves to biographies and life stories of certain Saints and one begins another conditional journey. Conditional journey is when one brings life conditions and life experiences on the path, it is quite a heavy load and yes quite frustrating too, for each movement requires one to question and find ways of comparing with the knowledge acquired from books, life and career. Even this way of knowing the truth the seeker  has to find a Guru who himself is realized but the search is broken down every time with a condition that is held back by another condition.  

Spiritual Realization on the path of learning is the most difficult thing for in learning one has to break free of the presumed condition that knowledge and knowledge provider is to taken for granted. This first realization itself breaks one down a little for the Ego moves out allowing the spark within to connect to you, it is this spark that had allowed you to learn in the very first place from the family and then from the education system. Only when such a break happens does one find a Guru who can guide one to reach the realization one needs to attain enlightenment.

This spark is to re-ignited within oneself for it allows one to go deeper and deeper to such an extent that the mind becomes more and more sharp allowing a balance to be created at the physical level between the left brain and right brain, allowing the midbrain to get activated. This physical and subtle activation of the midbrain allows one to delve deep within to realize and experience the inner core of consciousness slowly.

It is the most priceless knowledge that requires one to be there in full, for the second realization comes when one surrenders to giver of knowledge. For the knowledge is seldom given through notes, rather it is a energy transfer that happens from a Guru to a Disciple.  The physical notes, lectures and guidance may not be anything more than a reference for certain point of energy that the Guru has touched and has allowed the disciple to experience it too. Experience the word here has a different meaning and life compared to the ‘Experience’ that one had in life, from people around and books. The spiritual experience is never a fantasy or short lived for it awakens the inner core within you gain a sense of vision that one may never logically believe to be true. This is the journey of a Yogi a evolved Saint. This begins transformative journey process from the Karma (of action oriented living) to a way of Dharma (Righteous way of living). Only at this juncture can a disciple true represent the Guru, else in all earlier ways and methods one keeps misrepresenting the Guru for the disciple himself is not simple enough.

This path is walked by the disciple like  a true trustee believing in the fact that everything belongs to Divine Cosmic Consciousness and one is only a maintainer on his behalf. This thinking brings in abundance with the knowledge gained and experience makes it manifold.

Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

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Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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