Festival of Wealth Realisation- Dhanteras


All people celebrate the festival of Dhanteras but th core of the truth has been lost for the Dhan here means Wealth while people have been habituated to understand that Dhan means money. One needs to understand that the whole concept of life is based on expansion of wealth and not just money for money in itself is temporary and fluctuating. If one runs after money or only desires money then there is huge limitation for it is the nature of beggar, for the moment money is in front of them they lose control of their life, thought and rationality and sooner than later they lose out the money through uneconomic ways of implementations of thought proess. Such a person shall never be in peace and will always project the form of a completely needy person whose need will be never satiated in whole of his life.

Wealth in reality is the power to create wealth for it needs creativity, thought and implementation of ideas and ways for gaining riches in life. Richness is true persona of life for it is filled with abundance and a sense of satisfaction. It is a perfect way on the path of generating wealth for it encompases development of Life Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and finally Financial intelligence, for it is the perfect flow. Stability within self allows one to be ALIVE, balance with emotions brings about a Sense of Knowing and then Wealth becomes part of the life and this is the most powerful way of gaining Financial Stability.

Rich means abundance and in reality it transforms life, for it brings forth all that ability in a person to create wealth instead of just money, for money in money is not stability. Your belief transforms into Faith the moment one knows the path of becoming Rich. The first step is actually to be ready for the Wealth.

All Traditional festivals are based on this knowledge, yet very few people understand or realise it. One such festival is Dhanteras, a day when the Divine Spark of Light took the form of Dhanwantari to bring the Divine Knowledge and Wisdom of Ayurveda and related Healing sciences for the world to know, appreciate the beauty nature and its vitaising forces.

On this day itself it is observed as Narak Chaturdashi is celebrated on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. This beautiful festival of light is also called as Choti Diwali, Roop Chaudas or Roop Chaturdashi.

According to Hindu religious scriptures, the person who takes bath before sunrise on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi or Chhoti Diwali does not go to hell. There are many methods and tools which can be done on Narak Chaturdashi which can help in easing problems of Health, Finance, Obstacles, progeny and spiritual progress.

Health Wise:

1) Bath:

a) Apply Sesame oil/ Gingelly oil/Til oil on head and also on body.

b) Herbal pack made with Gram flour mixed with rosewater and honey should be applied on body and allowed to dry a little then have bath

c) For taking bath in a bucket of lukewarm water, add one tablespoon of rock salt, ½ teaspoon of sandalwood powder, one pinch of vermilion powder, ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon of rosewater, few tulsi leaves

and the following may be added if as per astrology if one is having weak

  • 1. SUN in chart then one can add Thunder God Vine or Tuba root, Red Flowers, Liquorice (Mulethi powder), Saffron and Cedar(devdar stick)
  • 2. MOON: Khirni root(mimusops), white sandalwood and Panchgavya(cow dung, urine, milk, cow, ghee)
  • 3. MARS : one can add rakta Chandan(red sandalwood powder), Gudhal flower petal(hibiscus flower petal)
  • 4. MERCURY – Use powder or very small pieces of Vidhara Mool root powder, ¼ teaspoon cowdung, lotus seeds, one of the green fruit, rice, a little honey
  • 5. JUPITER: Jasmine, mulethi(liquorice) and giloy
  • 6. VENUS:- cardamom, white lotus, mensil ½ gm, saffron
  • 7. SATURN:- Black sesame, cloves, black pepper all of them slightly crushed
  • 8. RAHU:- Naagbala herb powder, pearl powder, Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa)
  • 9. KETU: Frankincense (Loban), Mustard seeds crushed, Cedar(devdar stick or powder)

After taking the bath, pour the water from the bucket with all the of and having a bath with lukewarm water added with rock salt will improve body texture and also appease the planetary energy residing within the body


Having lot of Papaya and Banana will surely help on this day as it shall act as laxative and detox, plus providing you enough needed minerals for good digestion, improving gut area.

a) Raw Papaya juice or boiled vegetable will immensely

b) Raw Banana vegetable with coconut will help immensely

c) Ripe Papaya with a little lime and black or rock salt is recommended

d) Ripe Banana cooked in Clarified Butter (Ghee) with little honey and cardamom powder shall help in improving body strength and also giving enough nutrition.


1. Food: Tamarind, Bitter gourd, Yam, Pineapple,

2. Stale or leftover food

3. Donot give stale food to animals today

4. Donot sleep in afternoon

5. Donot shout or create loud noise which can create negative force in the environment.


1. Mix 2 tablesppon of Sandalwood powder (Red for business, obstacles, white for children, yellow for health) with 3 tablespoon of Rose water, add (1 clove powder for businesss, 1 pepper powder for health, 1 cardamom powder for children). Make a ball and place in the South direction for Business prosperity, West Direction for Health, East for Children. Light a small oil lamp/diya with ghee in front of it and allow it to fully burn out and ghee is finished. Next day place the ball in the altar (health), Safe for business prosperity and Kitchen for children.

2. Today being wednesday use Sesame oil 1 tablespoon, 1 Tablespoon of mustard oil and mix them together and light a lamp with a long wick, add a pinch of turmeric powder, a pinch of white sesame seed, a drop of coconut oil(optional), and a small piece of Tulsi twig. The lamp has to be lit in the North side of the house facing the West direction for betterment of peace, happiness in the house. This can be done again at the next new moon.

3. Take a piece of red thread, a piece of yellow thread or Roli and tie them to the handle of the main door from outside and inside of door stick a twig of Tulsi with leaf with support of turmeric paste for it shall bring in prosperity from the main door and also guests will have positive tendencies towards you.

4. Take one bucket of water, add 1 teaspoon of white seame seeds, 1 teaspoon of black sesame seeds, few mint leaves and leave it for one hour then sprinkle it on all the plants and corners of the house for it shall cleanse the house of negativity and remove the blockage of energy residing within5. Take one Tablespoon of Red sandalwood powder add few rose petals and roli packet. Place them at the altar in the evening time and tomorrow in the morning take all of them and tie them after placing them in a red cloth, keep the packet in the safe for abundance.

Wishing everyone a very happy Narakachaturdashi from the family of Soul Searchers

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