I am Pure

Holier than thou! Yes this attitude is quite common now, for most of the people play the victim card and also claim that they don’t regret anything they have done in life.

If everyone was a victim and everyone right in life then there would never be a problem at any levels. The whole concept begins from childhood where parents due to their love for child ignore worst things done by them and also strengthen the feeling that the child has to be right while others have to be the problem Maker. This leads to an aspect where the child loses the ability to say “Sorry” or have capability to “Forgive” for stubbornness to be right remains. This perspective emerges from parents Only, where one is dominant and have high ego. Since the child has never seen “Sorry” being said from heart and worked upon. The child too follows the trend but more shallow for now the word “Sorry” is submission of something wrong which cannot be right.

These conditions slowly emerge as adamancy where it keeps hurting the parents first for the lifestyle and life even become uncontrolled and rude leading to quarrels and fight. The fight and quarrels though happening outside is truly the frustration of not being accepted as right and to be told “sorry” for going against the person.

This nature of holier than thou makes them use small lies pertaining to love, life, education, lifestyle, errors and mistakes to create a mask that they dare not remove due to fear of being exposed.

Throughout life they keeping makes barricades for all relations without being open to anyone. Loading themselves with plethora of borrowed concepts to keep their ego happy and alive.

Even when options are given genuinely to open up, they are afraid to let go.

Truly a difficult scenario for the energy and conscious though giving enough options to expand and evolve the body-mind doesn’t allow it to happen. This dificulty is more so for the person in question never realised the fact that he/she can also have flaw, there can be people from whom one can learn. The body-mind keeps making sure that self ego is kept high so that others can be wrong Only and lies keep ticking and expand further.

“Sorry” for such a person to say even when at fault is like getting crucified. It is really painful for people to survive around the person for they have to either be always confronting them or avoiding them or even fearing them making them feel always superior. In such scenarios the energy and conscious keeps condensed at body-mind level making it projected as volatile. Such people create a sense of power and others get attracted but it remains only at physical levels of body-mind projected camouflage.

External love or care or compassion cannot resolve such issues. Only when such a person truly loves someone can one realize the errors manifested in life and surrounding. This is the only option for such people for only when the internal love emerges can only truly be sorry for past events and be ready to redeem the actions and also be ready to forgive others too.

– Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

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Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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