‘Logic is for those who look for answers from inside yet they feel they should be able to try and show the relevance of the spiritual upliftment from the various sources. We cannot think of logic in spiritualism for spiritualism is more to do with individual level of thinking and understanding.

Imagine a Saint talking of Atma and paramatma and so on with the feeling that body is nothing but a particle of the the maya or the illusory world and if by chance this is heard by a person who is a non-believer what would happen. He would just pick and stone and hit the Saint.

Now the story changes for the Saint is crying out loud with his disciples fighting with the person who had hit the Saint with the stone. A single query by the person can invoke a earth shattering effect

‘Stone is Maya and your body is Maya

so Maya hitting Maya

cannot cause pain or

have any repercussions. Even the blood

which is oozing out is a Maya’

Logical thinkers, rational thinkers are one step ahead of the spiritual thinkers. Thinkers I say for they just talk, western mind is too logical and now Indian mind too has become very much logical. They feel what they know is the truth rest is waste. Very true it is the truth for what they know can be touched, felt and understood but why they look for Soul, Paramatma or God per se which cannot be seen or felt.

If you look back thousands of years you shall find thousands of Sages, Saints, Messiah have come to tell us about the Soul, ParamAtma but what happened they succeeded to the extend of only sympathising with the people, healing certain diseases but nothing more, they could not hold their own against the Logical thinking of people.

‘Bhuke peth na bhaje Gopala’ meaning one who is hungry will never sing the praises of the divine, but the moment his physical requirement is regularly fulfilled he would sing the praises. So we have a logic in this also how can you convince that Divine Lord Krishna would take you from this bodily suffering to the divine yatra(Divine Journey) when his hunger is so persistent.

In the luxury of rooms we discuss about great Saints and Sages in a very lucid way but how much can we suffer like them, we have people talking of Adi Shankara easily or Bhakt Meera or  Sant Soordas. But can we live like them, we discuss on their writings and singing’s but do we know the scenario where they did it, the kind of pressure which was there, the problems they faced, they too were humans they too suffered. Adi Shankara protested against animal sacrifice imagine the pressure and opposition he faced for getting the things done, yet even now we have sacrifices going on in Kamakhya temple. Imagine Buddha going against the Vedic rites during a period when it was on peak, Jesus talking in a different terms going and denying all that is being followed.

People with logics always were able to crush them to a great extend. What is this logic we are are talking about, it is the material logic, assumed logic so we have staunch non-believers sometimes looking upwards in the sky and saying ‘Why Me God?”, what is it then in their terms it would be illogical-logic, they would call it emotional flow or emotional weakness. But this flow in whatever terms we call it takes them into the realm of inner consciousness faster than those who are believers.When they turn believers they are true believers and not just window shoppers of spiritualism. Such people are triggered by teachers of the spiritualism who themselves are spiritual logicians,more like magicians. they work on their own logics and are different from others.

If you look at the greatest of the Saints and Sages all were Spiritual logicians for they never had huge following they had few people who were different and who wanted something more from life than what every had or looked for, they were not working on the discussion platter rather they were doing it they were implementing it. Such Sages and Saints became famous not because of the scriptures they wrote but the pure essence of implementation of the knowledge by the disciples.

People with logic are also there in spiritual field they can be classified in two one who look at certain forms and believe that it is the truth and second who read a lot and talk a lot.

The first segment of people are like herds of sheep they follow word by word given in the scriptures without application of mind. There is a interesting story also which shows this:

Once in a village there was this simpleton who worked in the farm as a labourer. A Sadhu had come in the village and after all the Satsangs and singing this simpleton went to the Sadhu and sought ‘Baba tell me the truth what is the truth’.

Sadhu immediately said ‘Look every living being, every living thing and also all that is created as Atma, bow down to them then you shall see Paramatma.’

This simpleton started seeing Atma in everything. He started bowing down in reverence to everything, this caused him lot of loses also but he followed the ritual without any negligence. One day the same Sadhu was coming to the village and he saw this person bowing down to everything, the floor, road, trees, saplings, plants, cats, dogs(which obviously ran away in fear), people etc.

The Sadhu saw that a Elephant is also coming on the same road, the mahavat was shouting to the simpleton to move out of the way.

Sadhu also called out ‘What are you doing can’t you see elephant is coming your way’

But this simpleton was sincere so upon hearing that elephant is also coming he did dandavata namaskar to the elephant, instantly the elephant scooped the person  in his strong trunk and threw him down with force and walked off.

When the simpleton gained consciousness he saw the Sadhu near him. He tried to get up to do namaskar but Sadhu said’Why did you do this?’

The simpleton replied ‘Baba you only told me that everything has atma and I was only bowing down to the Atma to reach Paramatma, but did the atma of the elephant not recognise my atma and threw me down so hard, my whole body is paining’

The Sadhu said ‘You saw the atma of the elephant but you never listed to the warning of the Atma of the Mahavat neither the atma of me. I gave you the knowledge that Atma is there in everything but you took it on the face value without understanding the depth of it’

This is what happens with people mostly and the second lot who read a lot and talk a lot. What do they want, they want to gain some reputation, some recognition as Guru, Acarya, teachers or masters. They want people to touch their feet, they feel elevated once it happens.

I have seen great orators and great writers most of them are stuck with the image and they work as per that, they are literally making you hear what you actually want to hear. They are like parasites, they take from here and there and everywhere and talk, talk as if they have done something great no it does not happen. Such people desire a lot and have high ambitions, they look this as a point of success. They are truly greedy they look for titles and desire certain importance. They shy from reality, they in their own heart follow what others have been doing yet for the world they follow a track which is different which they feel could give them some success. I have seen many people chanting mantras like parrots, but inside they are having all the fear, desires, ambitions which others have, I have seen people talking advaita and still clinging on the desires of marriage, children, job, family etc. Lord Krishna when he first said Gita he never could have thought that his discussion with Arjuna will result in million of translations, neither would have Jesus thought that such a huge wave would be there. Neither of them said worship me but people have been doing for they look for salvation from them not because that they cannot achieve it on their own but then they donot want to put in the efforts.

The best quoted texts I have seen from people who read a lot is from Ramana Maharishi, Sigmund Frued, Bible, Gita, nisargadatta maharaj, Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Yoga Vashista, but I have yet to see a person who has quoted following the same in his life.

Logic when combined with the surrendering to a able Guru can only take you to the true sense of spirit. You have to drop your way of logic to a new wave of logic which has its own ways and means. You have to learn under a living Guru to gain the insight, readings should be there but the true surrendering renders the shishya to be humble and always a seeker. While a able Guru is one who does not seek a title but one who takes things on his own stride and extends his hand for helping.

Donot try to become  a Moodha Guru

(one who follows the sheep herd wants title, wants people falling at feet etc)

Donot try to be a ‘Gyana Guru’

 (one who is follows the path of knowledge alone)

Donot try to be a ‘Eka Guru

(one who wants to control.)

Be a Sakha Guru

(who is like a friend)

Be Atma Guru

(one who takes you to the journey of soul)

But for this the Shishya also has to be ready for the change in himself, he cannot resist everything, he has to break free from the shell and also allow the Guru to reach out to him. Then only can the real essence flow down.

Here the logic changes from the Materio-logic (seen,been and have) to Spiru-Logic(surrendering, accepting and working), once this transformation occurs Spiru-logic becomes Spritual where the flow is towards Being,Seeing,loving. This is pure conscious level beyond all that you know or have known..

Soul Searchers intends to raise the consciousness of people and to help create a turning point on this planet—a world where people are in tune with their inner-selves, living healthy and creative lives and are no longer swayed by religious dogma or politics.  The purpose is to bring the state of righteousness (dharma) back again in current state of political turmoil and selfishly motivated people.  We believe the truth can be known and realised through guided and workable ways. Thousands have benefited from the process of initiation and share them with your friends and family and together we’ll touch and transform lives. 


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Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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