dsc_1264Spiritual development is an important part of our life and daily schedule is to be maintained for proper development and growth both mentally and spiritually.

Prayer Style:-

A prayer forms the basis for spiritual development. Prayer is not something which is related to asking the divine for material benefit rather prayers are as intimate as the person you the most. During the prayer he who prayers becomes the true seeker of truth and the divine become the truth.

Some important things to be remembered:

  • Prayer has to have a distinct intimacy. Be a seeker not a beggar, be like a child innocent and pure for prayers will answered

  • Pray regularly. Pray before decisive moments, beginning day with it and even before end of the day. Prayers are the best things in times of human weakness and death.

  • Pray for giving thanks.

  • Believe that the Lord is there to protect and heal, he is a saviours and protector.

  • Do not pray verbally it has to be from heart and the physicality should lose its relevance.

  • Pray to forgive, pray to provide peace, pray for family, pray for friends, pray for relatives, pray for all. Do not pray based on the feeling or passing emotions. When it not based on feeling or passing emotions then it may or may not have words yet the prayer is answered

  • Prayer should be done with complete faith

  • The prayer should be steady and preserving. Even if there is no answer comes when no relief is found believe and pray.

  • For any prayer to be effective it is necessary to have faith in divine, concentration of the mind, positive thinking both before and after the prayer. If a restless person prays then the neither purity is there neither faith so rarely do the prayers get answer.

  • Meditate before prayers:

  • Focus attention at the centre between the eyebrows and say the prayer mentally with the deepest devotion of your heart.

  • Repeat the prayer until it becomes one with your consciousness.

  • Pray for five hours daily and you might become the richest man alive but prayers will not be answered

On the path of realisation of the divine, rituals are not necessary  but rituals form a slow way of providing the mind  solace and peace to a great extent.

It is only when the rituals and forms are dropped that the divine is found. It is not to be sought rather it is part of you and you have to recognise the you within in true form then only the divine light can flow through.

When the rituals are done for the simple reason that one is born in a particular caste creed then it is mechanical and one might never get results. When the same ritual is done for the benefit of the world, without any malice, biasness then the self is lost and the mine is discarded for then only the Vasudevam Kutumbakam remains a universal family.

Divine is for the world and when are for the world divine flows to us.

I shall not recommend that one should drop all the rituals just for the sake of it. Slowly understand the value of the rituals then flow with it.

People today have a philosophy of “Hi and Bye” regarding the religious concepts, outwardly they may show the deep level of belief and faith they have in the religion and God of the religion they follow. But deeply they struggle throughout their life to see, know, understand the divinity for they are truly seeking benefits and easy pathway for their own short term goals and fulfilment of there endless needs, greed and selfishness.

Prayers in its essence can happen anytime, anyplace  without any conditional norms for it is a connection of you with you so even the places one believes not to be sacred is also part of the divine, for nothing you know is outside the bounds of divine. time is only for the ritual of religion, but for divine, one who is going to decide your life and after has to get more time. Even if you are able to remember Divine by any name during these small gaps you have given him more than half a day of your time. The you has to give more than 50 percentage of you making one connected to divine as a partner in life and beyond. The deeper one connects to Divine, one experiences the beauty and divine way allowing one to flow out resolving many such things in your daily routine.

 ~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Soul Searchers intends to raise the consciousness of people and to help create a turning point on this planet—a world where people are in tune with their inner-selves, living healthy and creative lives and are no longer swayed by religious dogma or politics.  The purpose is to bring the state of righteousness (dharma) back again in current state of political turmoil and selfishly motivated people.  We believe the truth can be known and realised through guided and workable ways. Thousands have benefited from the process of initiation and share them with your friends and family and together we’ll touch and transform lives. 


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Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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