He is ? He is Not?

unnamedPeople keep talking about seekers, the needs, requirements and their path of evolving but then the sought has also to be known. The sought one is a Master,he in himself should be the true answer that is sought, the master has to be one who has had first hand experience and realization of Truth. Again here it is crucial to know that the core is first hand experience and realization not the borrowed or learned one. Religious experiences that emerge from the rote style, or a visualised style or gained from second hand sources will never bring out the true Guru. Such a spirit may be knowledgeable but He will not be a Guru, He remains a Acarya, a Teacher; His knowledge is based on scriptures, readings and ways of life. It is beneficial for a novice to begin with but it is extremely limited and conditional  which confines itself to the energy and matter  at the grossest level.

While a Guru should be one who has journeyed through a way of learning maybe in one birth or many to reach a point of time and space, wherein the One is selected by Nature itself to gain the True experience. Such knowledge and wisdom is for the time and space when the nature selects the one. The core of the truth shall be quite different from the truth that was valid till now, Truth will never negate the truth  in real,but it will be a process to eliminate and discard the myths, legends and fake things which have been considered as truth till now. The Truth received first hand is so strong, pristine and powerful that it breaks the ego of being a Guru within a normal person, He realizes the Truth, and that begins a journey for a Guru. No religious sect can survive without a Guru or Teachers(Acharya) but Spiritual core has only disciples and not  a Guru for there is none to claim, none to hold, non to teach in the designation. But on the spiritual path teachers might be there, but there can be no Guru. Teachers are not Guru, howsoever they might claim, for in claiming itself they lose everything they hold as power, ego-pleasing and attitudinal pathway.  Guru is no just two words “Gu”  and “Ru” as traditionally believed to be “One who removes Darkness” but it goes deeper which even the traditional believers of Guru have not understood.

“G- ग” means multiple things going, moving, evolving, being, reaching, but its core means Celestial sound, Knowledge, Wisdom, delusion, Clarity.

“Uu-ऊ”- the core meaning is Excellence and Greatness

“R- र” means effecting, acquiring,possessing,giving,while its core means bestowing, surrender, desire, Divine
“U- उ”- the core meaning is Mother, unconditional, affection, care, caution

The core of the awakening of the way of Guru is when one hears the Celestial sound, Realizes the True First hand Knowledge, Gains  Wisdom from the Source, Delusion holding one back is removed, Clarity of the way ahead is known. Once all this is realized then the way ahead is of Excellence and Greatness; bestowed by the Core to the Surrendered Spirit of the Seeker, Allowing the Desire within to emerge as a deep passion for allowing others to realize the Divine. He who realizes all this truly realizes, accepts the Divine as Mother who is unconditional, filled with affection, caring with caution and protective like its own message for rest to realize.

The relationship between Guru and Disciple is like love having reverence as its core. The core of the Disciple is loving, loving at a level wherein one can attain the spiritual bliss one is seeking through the way shown by the one who is connected, awakened with the source.It is not something expected or demanded it happens automatically for the core is acceptance.

This acceptance is what makes the Guru to act while the Disciple comes into existence. An act of Guru on the mundane levels too have long term implications that can be easily gauged by a open minded and deeply involved disciple for it is a Trust connection that emerges and transforms the Only disciples exist — because they are consciously disciples, they choose to be disciples. A guru does not choose, he acts. The action is one with his living so that he teaches by his very act. His teaching and his living are two aspects of a single existence. His very sitting, standing, walking, his talking, his silence — everything is an indication. Something happens through the guru’s very existence and the disciple always has to be ready to receive it. A disciple means one who has an open mind, a receptive mind so he is not just learning but receiving. That is why trust is a basic component of being a disciple for it is a relation of Truth beyond Truth.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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