Are You Authorized?

maitrey2People have a perception that they are the authorised people who will select a Master. They decide that they are the controller in the way they live under a Master they have selected. They are basing their conditions on a pre-set module based on the reviews, thoughts of others or by just reading books or through the net nowadays.It is most stupid notion people have,  the moment one looks for a selection process for a Master  it is just a ego pleasing trip. It is not about self but a comparative analysis and judgements of one Master with another but in reality one is not even knowing the truth about a Master. There are no personal criteria or such seekers, they have borrowed seekers guide which are again created by people who themselves were never able to gain a Master for they were trying to recruit and select a Master. Masters can never be recruited, it is a blessing and grace that is sought with a samarpana (surrendering) bhava(emotion) and sharanagati (I take refuge in thee).

A Master is only the authorised one to select a disciple. The disciple may never realize it but the Master slowly gives back what was taken as authority for this authority is not personal to anyone, not even to the Master for He is a medium. A Medium for giving you the You and then moving on. But then the one who seeks and one who is to be found has to be there to be found by the seeker. If the seeker himself has created a total tutorial with all conditions what to be found, how to be found and why to be found; then nothing is achieved by the so called seeker, for He would be busy analysing the whole concept.

It is the most difficult thing for a seeker for too much information is easily available today through the electronic media, word of mouth and internet. The seeker himself is not sure what one is seeking but then without seeking nothing will happen. Keep the search happening for in that seeking a chord is touched, a chord that can allow the Master to connect to you. But know one thing the seeker cannot find the Master, for one who seeks cannot be judge the awakened one. The moment one is able to decide and judge a Master, one has gone beyond the Master himself, for then only the one who is beyond exists having no scope for further evolution. The role of the seeker has to be in a continuous open motion of seeking, keeping oneself open is crucial for the one who right one for will come allowing you to merge in You. During the search a seeker meets many Teachers, who have come with a purpose, a purpose to make you perfectly ready for the Master. During those period the seeker have to be ready to go on deep by learning with humility, receptivity. One has to be ready to be accepted when the time comes before a Master. That is the final test for the seeker, allowing to be accepted, it is the biggest step in one’s own life, it is actually allowing yourself to be killed to be reborn, imagine allowing oneself to be killed by self to be reborn anew; it is not a easy task, a decision that is completely based on free-will, free-intention, free-consciousness, free-acceptance. Master will instantly kill you, for He will not please your ego, knowledge, personality or wisdom, He will just break you, shatter you into pieces, destroy you and then re-create a new You. Those who shy away, run away from it will never be able to gain the beautiful truth of being or knowing the Master. The running away, shying away happens due to fear within about the Master, the conditional argument of Right/ Wrong about being the One who was sought. But this argument is useless for one can never know the right for one never knew the right from within. The one who knows the right will never seek, those who seek were never right. It is a pure way of Sharanagati.

The one who selected you may be right or wrong but you were and are right the moment you surrender and take refuge. For this powerful energy makes you right the moment surrender and refuge happens, the moment one is able to surrender one is gaining protection from the nature and the moment one take refuge the existence itself protects you from any harm. The world has seen many True Surrendered spirits to wrong Masters and with time the Wrong Masters became the Right One due to the powerful impact of the nature and existence.

The core is surrender and refuge for it transforms the very existence of you from the core. It is the most miraculous transformation for the learning becomes authentic and true even from a wrong Master, a transformation happening to the seeker and the Master in the same very instance. Thus, the evolution happens subtly but having deep and long term impact in changing you, allowing you to grow and evolve from within. This evolution allows one to gain the wisdom and knowledge to realize who a wrong Master is, thus allowing you to truly be ready for the Right one, for then the Right one will be there, for He was always there, your conditional Surrender and Conditional Refuge only gave you an experience of the Wrong Master in first place. The moment the surrender is wrong, Nature gives the wrong one, the conditional refuge gives one a conditional wrong one again.

So the surrender and Refuge has to be complete in all aspects that transcends one’s Ego, complexes, nature, attitude, personality leaving one humble, clear, ready and in a way of letting go.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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