maitreyaaAnyone who believes and wants to be successful has to have some basic inner abilities and some core principles. Continuous work on the path taken allows one to expand the horizons within one’s own capabilities combined with the ability to discern, know the direction to be taken, people to be associated with or people who have to move out of your life.

  This path is not for one who is looking for shortcuts, cheating, back-stabbing, greed  and ego boosting efforts. Such people will always have blurred vision and very soon they loose the clarity they have in life. They keep on working on short sighted goals and targets in life for they are completely obsessed with their own personal seeking  without having any interest in seeing what is happening around them. They are least bothered how many people they are trampling under their feet of egoistic and prejudiced fake commitments and promises, how many people they cheat or back-stab to gain momentary gains which truly lead one to a process of devolution.

Contrary to those selfish people, those who have selfless nature truly understand and relate to the knowing that the individual self is an unreal, imaginary entity that persists because one never delves deep to properly investigate  the core nature of it.

The whole concept of ‘I’ is based on a particular body, most prominently one’s own through the eyes of conditions, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, objects, religion that binds one to oneself in the most rude manner. The ‘I’ cannot survive without a status of association, most of which are associated with conditions and norms that one are trained from birth itself.

The moment one is able to let go of the associations and conditions for even a short period of time they find that the ‘I’ has been disassociated with you. The moment disassociation happens one finds that everything that was part of the conditional growth and evolution of the ‘I’ too vanished.

For even if that rises then the body has to think about

WHO is “Anticipating”,

for WHAT is “Anticipating”

WHY is it “Anticiating”

for WHOM it is “Anticipating”

HOW will “Anticipation” be part of ME

These are powerful question for all boils to either “I” or “ME” but then who is the “I” who is anticipating: The Body, The Mind, The Spirit within or something else.

The “I” in that very moment transforms to a non-entity that doesn’t confine itself to Body, Mind, Spirit but becomes a Seer of the seen. In that very moment the association of ‘I’ is lost but the concept of a ‘I’ having no norms, conditions remains in the most silent manner. The moment may last for a second or can extend for hours or days or years. But don’t even bother the time, duration or expanse of the  Watch how it arises and, more importantly, watch where it rises from, where it stabilizes, where it subsides to when there are no thoughts to engage with. The feeling and expression can be of peace, joy and bliss for the mind is happy being there without the loads and burden of the associations, one has been carrying from birth. The dissociated ‘I’ is beautifully away from all the emotions and thoughts, but then there is a line movement still happening a thoughtless thought that moves in a subtle way in all direction while moving back into the core without holding anything, it is the state of pure contemplation of the “I” for knowing the “I” a moment, a place where no individual ‘I’ exists.

~Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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