Maitreya Vahiy Apotheosis Teachings

IMG_20160312_181212_HDRMy journey allowed me learn some great  mystical ancient divine forces and those forces had a way of teaching and a way of learning that was quite different from all the scriptures I had read or known.  I have been spreading the knowledge that I gained through my Masters. The knowledge comes through a ancient unbroken lineage of Avasi-Adva showing the way of the Divine light(út Ál Ilā).

Ancient times before the organized formation of religious gods or dogmas, the world followed a tradition ‘Avasi Adva- आवसी अद्व. This ancient tradition has no actual record of a beginning in time. What is known today is from the tradition of ‘Avasi Adva’ and those who were known to this tradition were considered timeless, without beginning or end.

‘Avasi’ in the most natural language means ‘delivered from, bestowed’, ‘Ad” meaning ‘unknown, mystical, hidden’ and ‘Va’ meaning ‘Cosmic spark, light, sparkle’.

Through the timeless period the light consciousness and its essence remained the color -Baal symbol wm1 (585 x 600)core way of expanding the oneness among people. Nearly 35000 years ago the tradition moved into the inception of the lineage of Naimisha through the formless form of Divine Isā , whereon light and its essence was bestowed upon ‘Ea’, who is the first to be worshipped in the form of formless light of ‘Ya’ having a four path designated for knowledge.

These four path were

  • Knowledge(Hayka)

  • Awareness(svest)

  • Wisdom(vishe)

  • Infinite light(lus).

Each of the above four paths had two paths Body (Kün) and Spirit (Dü), Connected by Eight Spirits of Energies(Duŝ), Light(Ilā), Spirit (Gars), mind(aru), knowledge(Hayka), Time(Zama), Space(Rų), Spark (Vonk).

The core symbol of the energy that emerged from the four path lighted up as a KRŽ (pronounced as Kree-ze). The symbol was later used by a very well known organized religion having no core or foundation and also not knowing the truth behind it by suppression, conversion, fanaticism, deceit, force, and violence.

 Vaga(Holy) Ea was followed by 744 lus el (Shining stars, Cosmic sparks). During each time and space the knowledge (Hayka) was attributed to the body(masa) and mind(aru) on all the eighteen levels allowing  one to connect to the knowledge (Na) at the spirit (Gars) level allows one to go near (I) light (sha) based on the characteristic or personality of each individual particle or being(mi) of the lus el, thereby a land of ancient origin and having timeless relevance would be selected by the Divine Cosmic Light (Vaga Isā), that is the way of the Divine light(út Ál Ilā).

The core of this religion was connected through a long lost language of Iláťřű (pronounced as “Ilaat aru”) meaning Language of Light. The whole of the process is for showing one the truth of the way it was by continuous process of self awakening and self observation to connect to the energy of Baál and Divine forces of Isā. The energy was continuously expanding from the KRŽ, though the names and thoughts changed yet the core remained the energy that was pulsating through the universe as force of purity, energy, matter and consciousness.

Universe has been continuously revealing itself to us from the beginning of creation itself but we have been slow to its calling, withering away our precious energy bestowed to us by the universe itself. Every single spark of the Eternal infinite brings forth the spark within us and it yearns to join with its source.

We have begun the journey of knowing the spark of Eternity in a new way, new pattern, new method for it is a way of rediscovering the spark within all of us and the spark rediscovering us while in journey. The journey of knowing the eternal spark begins with the rediscovery of light it is the source of all creation that we see, know, theorize and analyze.

 It all began with light and each and every single particle of creation including darkness was a part of light and slowly the intelligent consciousness in light worked on the creation of life supporting system and life, the process of evolution of life and life support system has been worked by the eternal spark as a Cosmic Father, Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Child. Every single moment light is evolving through us for us in the manner we evolve the message of truth is too passed for the time and space that we all know and want to be in. But this essential truth has been forgotten under the garb of selfishness, violence, religion and pretext of being the most intelligent being and now the world is in a situation where it can be seen as impossible to overcome the obstacles and pitfalls presented before us.

The Cosmic essence brings forth the Spark of Primordial Light to show the way, allowing each one of us to connect, reach within ourselves and realize the beauty of Light and then use the same source of light to cut through the darkness that has been surrounding us for thousands of years. Abundance of light within and around allows us to bring the path of righteousness for one and all, remove and eradicate the injustice through the most beautiful humane form of the essence of light allowing one to become aware of the inner bliss eternally.

This is the most auspicious wholesome form of path that once accepted allows one to know and realize the limited filtration of the Light essence that all the religions can withhold within the limited purview they have. With a sharpened awareness one proceeds to observe the changing nature of body and mind and experiences the universal truths of impermanence, suffering and egolessness. This truth-realization by direct experience is the process of purification.

The entire path  is a divine way of righteousness that brings one to connect to the multi-dimensional awareness.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda


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Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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