Are You Ready ?

2005I had to fake who I was, I had to lie everyday to myself and surrounding about myself. I knew the truth and I never wanted to accept it. I know I have reached levels where even those around were experiencing it and few were accepting it but I never wanted to agree on it. Yes it created a scenario wherein some people assumed that they could push me down but then being who I am, and after many years of self-tortured suffering, I have finally come to terms with the truth.

Connected with the forces of the Light and Darkness I can relate to the ever expanding consciousness within the shorter expanse of my existence. Ever flowing with the Eternal ever expanding Divine forces, allows me to gain connection with myself in the most natural manner leading me deeper and deeper within my sources, breaking the very core of heart and unleashing the eternal love that keeps of purifying and working on the energy within in the most universal manner. But the connection of the energy, matter and consciousness is quite different from all the sources that I have known. Knowing more about them allowed me to connect to the energy, matter and live in consciousness in the most natural manner without affecting the lifestyle that normally as understood by people.

Over the so many years, I have been seeing huge number of seekers of pseudo-truth continuously disappointed for they believe and expect the hundreds of so called spiritual practice they are working upon to rapidly free them from all ills. They are on the path of pseudo-truth and have not attained the truth. But yes it is a beginning for they are ready to open to the truth. The truth that they have been continuously taken on ride by huge and complicated spiritual terms and each people who claim attainment of the the truth but it is nothing but rehashed truth. Pseudo-Truths and claimers of Pseudo-truths cannot last long for they hold on to few concepts which they themselves are not able to hold on all the grounds they claim they are standing upon.

powerThe truth on one hand has its own beautiful way of recuperating even when pseudo-truth is held as truth, wherein certain kinds of suffering will gradually disappear as those following the path purify themselves and live in harmony with the world of light. But then many acts and ways were there within the realm of darkness that cover the many appearances and merging of the spirits who have even thought of going deep in knowing the truth, those very acts and ways shall never be removed and erased from the span of timeless and spaceless line of light for the timeless time will never appear again so will the spaceless space will too never appear again.They must not be surprised if certain types of suffering refuse to leave them, in spite of every new pseudo direction they take.
The balancing act of the time and space are quite different from that of timeless and spaceless. The assumed goodness and assumed badness in terms of actions, thoughts or even grossest levels of consciousness are limited by the boundations of a specific time and space. For with each change in time and space the assumptions too evolve and change slowly. Within the boundation of the time and space those very badness in action, thought  bring about a blockage in form of guilt and a sense of attachment to the very core of the assumed badness giving it a form one truly starts hating. Similar is the response to the assumed Goodness within the boundation of time and space, but the blockage is limited for the assumed goodness rarely takes a form that holds one to it, rather it becomes more of a passing moment yet one that is cherished. So, whatever is the current direction, one experiences events and psychic or physical states that are the distant or not so distant consequences of our past behaviour.

When one is Initiated into the true cosmic truth and nature, especially through the elemental constructs of time and space, Consciousness have been a primary way of revealing the ideas of immanence and eternity, and thus existing outside the bounds of ordinary, lived experience. Each moment of transformation allowing one to expand to connect, merge, re-emerge and connect back into the appearance of light within the flow of boundation of the time and space in form of life and death through the same force of Energy consciousness forming the core of aliveness of all life held in a safe cocoon of heaven of conscious spirit force. Those who are able to  hold on to the boundary of time and space are holding on to the Illusory power of Energy Consciousness (Māyā) thereby moving back into the Grossest levels of Consciousness. While those who are able to break free from the Illusory power of Energy Consciousness (Māyā) find themselves in the exponentially forever expanding timeless and spaceless state of consciousness and energy, also allowing one to stand firm on the Illusory power of Energy Consciousness (Māyā) in the most natural manner without giving out the true expanse to anyone other than those who it is intended for. Those who are able to be in this state can truly understand the ways of Energy, Consciousness and Matter for it is not a tradition but a way beyond the comprehension of the tradition and norms known till now.

Come walk on the unknown known path of realizing the truth that has been evading you for so long.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda




Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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