DSC_2517In whole pattern of life one rarely looks at the warning signs or are ready to listen to the inner voice for one is busy listening to the loud Grossest voice we are quite familiar with. The core within everyone is talking, and it continuously is in communion with you yet you keep the very core of you away from you for you look at pleasing the senses.

The core gives you signals and the warning signs that tell you beforehand that a health problem might arise and one may need to go deeper within the self to rectify them for the inner voice gives the solution to the problem to. But the inner voice is part of the universal spirit force thus allows you freedom and freewill to listen and adapt to change or ignore it.  The inner voice is subtle and keeps repeating to a certain number of times and once it becomes aware that you have made up the mind to ignore it, it silences itself.  The inner core and inner voice is the subtle energy connection one has with the universe and one who listens to it finds success in every field of life and those who feel that desires,cravings, and selfish needs are more prominent always find ways of complaining later for they rarely are able to find success in life. The universe has a motive for bringing certain moments, people into your life and when one flows with the natural pattern one finds that those very moments and people were needed to be part of you as you are needed to be part of them to bring out the best within you.

Those who are egoistic, unbalanced, crackpot, self-assumed righteous, smug, obsessive, obnoxious will never have a proper depth in belief system, discussing on physical or mental level with them on the issue is completely useless. Such people will have a sense of fear within them as they survive on words and thoughts and concepts and belief systems which only make them believe they have attained or want to control. The control or attainment is again a ego pleasing methodology they take for they themselves claim to have attained Siddhies (Occult powers) and many times they want themselves to be addressed as Siddhars or Sat-Guru or Guru. But the whole concept they follow is full of litany complicity, delusion, avoidance, that have no substantial true perception of spiritually for they have a holding on the long gone era of truth that in fact has lost its little core values due to distortion of truth beyond recognition.  This is truly the face of really, really, vapid and silly and childish behavior of so called true called seekers of truth.

Most of the people fall in this category of seekers who are only looking for worldly name, fame and richness while they themselves are hollow like a eggshell. Thus they emerge like rain-bubbles create a lots of followers and the followers create more followers by denying or pseudo acceptance any relationship with the original mushroom. Thus as rain bubbles die without any relative worth.

Those who truly are able to listen to the inner voice slowly understand that than being the rain bubble one should be truly be part of the shower of rain and become the carrier of energy for that is true love, that is  the pure energy that makes one to connect to the energy of the nature in the beautiful manner allowing the nature to bestow one with the true path wherein one has the energy to share, just share, because when in such a state there is more possibility of entering one’s own deepest core, wherein one becomes a child.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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