Copyright Rama Naidu
Copyright Rama Naidu

We neither give love nor receive love, we are rarely selfless, love has to be selfless. There is a moment a spark that makes one to love, but once the conditions and layers emerge, one either falls down in love or becomes a businessman in love.

Rising in love with the depth of spirit and conscious is rare, for in it there is never a moment to question the essence of Love, for Life and Love both have to merge for the essence of the spirit to be connected and become a state Alive.

Every moment of the day our eyes are sharply observing every moment of life without our even knowing about it, this is more strongly felt in matters related to Emotions like Fear, Anger, Hatred and Love. All theses emotions mostly have there base in Trust and Belief. The beauty is that all of it emerges from Love only, it is love that creates fear, it is love only that creates anger, it is love again that creates hatred. This essential love is something which we call as Anahata, sound of Soundless Love. This is core of cosmic love, a love that is forever watching like a Falcon. It looks for every movement with all the sharpness of oneness and holds the moment it finds a weak spot and then breaks the tie releasing the blockage for complete relief.

But even with the sharpness it is no match for the layers and layers of conditions a human loads up throughout life, these conditions are interwoven and are complex in nature, thus many times even though the tie needs to be broken, but the weak spot turns around and escapes the powerful falcon for a moment of time. It is these moment that one gains Fear, Anger and Hatred or even Superfluous Love. A moment, a moment filled with treachery with self, wherein one avoids oneself as much as possible while spewing out the venom of conditions through newer conditions to attain the short term goals in life. This moment of weakness is called attachment, a feeling of fear, anger or hatred emerges from the superfluous love.

The beauty is that if two beings are having superfluous love then the whole concept of life becomes a business, a deal that works on short term gains and once the mutual benefits are attained the love breaks up, and life moves on.

Sometimes here too if one being is having superfluous love while other is having a slightly deeper love, one finds that the one having slightly deeper love, feels left out or forsaken, broken feeling emerges but then again life moves on.  

The worse scenario is when one being is loving from the depths of Spirit and Consciousness, while the those being loved are superfluous,then true love is completely destroyed, the extremely wounded falcon loses the ability to expand the wings to fly again or to believe in what is seen or felt. This is a state of devastation for the Soundless Sound of Anahata is then seen as breaking up in the most subtle manner, slowly breaking up from within leading to the complete collapse of the Life itself.  It is the most difficult process to relive from, for the shattering experience is never seen by anyone for it happens in the most subtlest manner, it is the true form of Atma-Hatya or Killing of the Spirit within. From the burning embers it burns up everything into ashes, if the spark remains and if the Falcon is able to tap into the Life force of the ember itself the wings turn in flaming ones and then from the ashes the Falcon rises again like a phoenix from the expanding consciousness of the Surya Chakra.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

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Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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