524261_396182293745596_1979633754_nDon’t talk about life too much for you don’t like death that much. Those who keep talking about life or death cannot understand being alive. They have two extremes on which they survive, one life and other being the death.

Those who talk about life, fear death for they don’t have lived a life of being alive, they have lived a life of trying to be a life form. While those who keep talking about death are not aware of being alive in the natural state. Such souls who themselves are completely alive at birth are held back by conditions of the life in the most composite manner by the society, state, religion and norms that allows one to cover away the alive portion, leaving it in a state of eternal dimness and search; such a soul always remains in desperation or fear. Those who are alive and have lived to the optimum level have no fear of death or of life. One cannot term one thing as good and another thing as bad and follow one extreme side is following not selfless state of living but follow a life of ego only for they have bound by a Condition of LIFE or Condition of DEATH.

Conditions of Death is the greatest Religious-Spiritual followers who are nothing but having greater and dangerous EGO complexes compared to Religious followers. Religious-Spiritual followers keep condemning materialists, societies, religion but keep following the ways of them for they get happiness and joy in the moment of gaining acknowledgement of the knowledge of their condemnation.  Religious-Spiritual followers are true followers of death who cannot celebrate, while Religious followers cannot understand the taste of celebration.

Is it difficult to understand, not simple. If someone is asked to learn traditional dancing or music, they follow certain steps, rhythm and music, now following it is like a religion, where they dare not change it for it belongs to tradition. Once you learn the ways you experiment through it and you gain a fusion music or dance it is the way of Religious-Spiritual follower, they want to follow a way they made so a customary traditional is incorporated with a new name and label, thus even they cannot dare allow anyone to experiment or change it.  Have you seen children or even you dancing and singing in merry forgetting the world around you, a moment where you know nothing not even music, dance or rhythm but it has a way, a method that transforms one in an instant to a state of truthful celebration of the spirit within that can never be compared with the religious or Religious-Spiritual followers, it is pure Spirit in Action, in a moment of truthfulness. Such a spirit is truly celebrating, a Spiritual one, once celebration is over one is ready to go, ready to leave without grudge or complaint for one has been alive in that day, in that moment, diving deep within the depths of self, rising to the heights of the sky while still being firm on the earth in the most beautiful manner.

Spiritual being always celebrates for it is not a way of negating, pseudo-negating, pseudo-acceptance, blind following. It is a way of renunciation of self and surrounding at the drop of a moment and again picking it up as the moment passes by. This is being alive within the life and being alive within death for in death one lives and in life one dies, negate one and other is automatically eliminated.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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