IMG-20150219-WA0004The ways of Yogi’s are often enjoyable, mystical, natural, full of spirit for they never wait for the moment, rather they live in the moment.

Critics were always there for the ways of Yogi, for it never confirms with the lifestyle the world lives in. In a moment they move from the state of being part to a state of non-duality, from a state of childish behaviour to being a child himself, from a state of oneness to a state of duality, from a state of being in the ways of a ascetic to a way of a householder, lover and then again moving back into the state of ascetic with the ease of a non-attached life form.

Rudra, the form people normally worship as lord Shiva was never part of any religion rather a moving wind that never could be fathomed by the five essence of nature, five elements of creation, five levels of consciousness, five levels of spiritual advancements. Lord Shiva could still be placed in a norm that a culture or society could fathom with the limited understanding they had, it was like taking a single strand of hair and believing it to be complete for the expanse of the infinite was incomprehensible.

Rudra never confirmed to any norms nor adhered to any rituals, He was like a Fiery storm held in the body of a child, full of energy, and consciousness expressed as a matter not so conventional by any standards set in the society.

Rudra is considered to be the Adi-Yogi(Primordial Yogi) for this only for He was a Yogi unparalleled, none could match His beauty, Valour, Anger, Emotional changes, Love, Compassion, Wisdom, Knowledge, Extremity of transformative capability, voracious nature, and craziness unparalleled.

Ru-D-r-A is not a form, but

Ru is the expression of Light, Energy,

D represents the Possessor,

R is Consciousness and

A is Held

Aghor is the closest word that was attributed to Rudra in the human form. Where

A is the Compact

G is Infinite Bliss

H is Removing 

O Be it

R Consciousness

IMG-20150304-WA0040A tradition of this divine nature and form got corrupted to a ritualistic nature held in the conditional form of acceptance without rejection as people moved into the corrupted form of holding the body as a living monument of attaining the Shiva and Shakti, but then this was not the origin for the Aghor had no Sampradaya(Lineage) for it was held by messengers of light “Lus El”

Ea‘ was the first form of the formless Divine energy called Rudra (Ya).  The Messengers of Light followed a path of Naimisha (a moment of transformation), wherein the way was to expand beyond the conditional norm of living the non-conditional conditional life.  

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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