Diksha- Initiation

2 (466 x 600)This story happened in a city. A city as modern as ours. A city filled with truth seekers, spiritual seekers and religious practitioners. In that city a Parivrajaka Sanyasi (wandering Saint) entered, he was welcomed and in that short duration of stay in the city, he gave lot of lectures and were invited by many people for having meal at their homes.

Parivrajaka Sanyasi accepted invitation from select few and had one meal a day from one place being put in as Bhiksha in his Bhiksha bowl.

One of the person who had invited the Parivrajaka Sanyasi begged the Parivrajaka Sanyasi asked for Diksha (initiation). The Parivrajaka Sanyasi looked at the host, smiled and walked away.

After few years the Parivrajaka Sanyasi again came to the city and by chance he had bhiksha (meal) at the same person’s house. After the meal when the host again asked for Diksha (initiation) from Parivrajaka Sanyasi, he looked at him and said ‘ Continue your life of serving others. Let it happen and a day will come when your desire shall be fulfilled’ and continued the journey.

 After many years the same Parivrajaka Sanyasi came to the town and again the same host was there, after the meal the question of Diksha came about. Parivrajaka Sanyasi again said wait, this literally angered the host for he was losing patience.

‘Why swami ji why can’t I have Diksha. What is the problem please do tell, it has been years and I have done so much. I have learned so many courses from so many people. I have met many enlightenment swami’s see these are my pictures with them(showing the pictures), they also accepted that I am special, initiated me. I am special so why can’t I have Diksha from you. Do you think you are beyond everyone”

Parivrajaka Sanyasi said “I will come tomorrow. Give me Bhiksha” and walked away

The host was quite happy and next day at the scheduled time the Parivrajaka Sanyasi came. He got the meal and before he could put it in the bowl, he stopped.

“Swami ji I cannot put the food in this bowl. There is something dirty in it.”

Parivrajaka Sanyasi “How does it matter to you. Put the food in it”

Host was not ready “ Swami ji food is considered the divine offering. Putting the food in the bowl will pollute it and also the fragrance of the food will become stinking making it poisonous”

Parivrajaka Sanyasi “You know that a single drop of dirt can ruin the divine offering called food. So is the condition with Diksha. A polluted mind will find no value for my Diksha, it will be one among many you had, but never benefitted. For you never progressed on spiritual path or gained spiritual experiences, and you blame every Guru you met. It is only mind of insatiate hunger of gaining more that makes it  your mind unfit state for any progress. Only when the mind is clean and pure and heart full of humility can one learn and progress”

Saying this the Parivrajaka Sanyasi left the place, leaving the Host in a shocked condition.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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