Guru Purnima 2015

Maitreya at Tughlakabad
Maitreya at Tughlakabad

Today the world follows the ways of “Hi Guru” and “Bye Guru”, for they are busy or have some logical reason to follow the path.

Being with a Guru is a personal relation, it is got nothing to with force, it has no logical, rationale explanation.

The core of any true relation is freewill that respects the expression that ‘Nothing happens to you, unless you allow it yourself’. The weak one’s and those who have been inspired by stories take the path of either victimization of get so much  influenced that allows to shadow the mind in thinking that you have attained the truth and are overpowering energy is flowing through you making you superior to every other other you assume to know.

Intelligent beings know this dangerous path and stay away from the dual nature of mind  of following groups, people, marketing strategies, advertisements, branding . They question the truth shown not the truth in them. They remove the layers to accept the truth in the most beautiful manner that can change the world of theirs. An intelligent being follows the path of consciousness where the freewill allows one to recognize a Guru. The Guru will test the intelligent being like the intelligent had tested everything in life. The test is not for demeaning the person but for knowing the depth the person can go to attain the truth, this is the way of separating the Prana (life force) and Citta (consciousness) from the self to attain the space for the light to enter the life.

This is called the Hamsa Vijnana (Ham-Sa science) the knowledge of Prana and Citta where Prana is churning the Citta giving the feel of milk emerging from churning and Citta is like Soma (Divine Ambrosia).

  • Those intelligent beings who drink the milk are holding on to the power game of ego where they are only looking for attainment of titles and supremacy.

  • Those intelligent beings who hold the churning as the crux of their evolution will always be delusional and follow the path of moving from one Guru to another for none can help the individual for he is not seeking truth but they are just feeling great after one moment of experience.

  • Those intelligent beings who allow everything to be become silent and settled to then get back to the citta level of awareness is the one who can truly learn from a Guru.

No Guru will force anyone to learn, or do anything it is the role of the inteeligent being to feel it, experience it and then be genuinely ready to say Yes to Truth then within your heart you will a subtle vibration that will just overcome you. One again the intelligent being has a choice of overlooking it or one can become open to it, the moment one overlooks it the moment is gone but the moment you are open, it will guide you for it is your inner consciousness. The more you are connected the more you shall open up for it is not loud, forceful but it is little a whispher. So soft and so soothing that one has to truly bow down to listen. This is listening of the spirit within, devoid of ego and self. Initially the bowing down to even self is difficult for you need to put in a effort to hear and listen, for the heavy veils of self, ego, pride and conditions will hold you back everytime asking you to ignore the subtle sound.

The ego, pride and conditions force you to believe that Guru that is outside the one who is waiting is wanting something from you, wanting you to listen but He is quite unaware of it. This is the inner area of intelligent being who is holding the ego, pride and condition as high as possible without able to decide what is right and what is wrong.

Trust is the crucial element here of you with YOU, the YOU is the one that is to be listened for once you are able to listen to the YOU within i.e. your inner consciousness you can hear the subtle sound of the Guru. You can only connect to a Guru through the YOU only, for the subtle vibrations of Guru is related with YOU for he is the bridge between YOU and the Supreme YOU within the YOU itself.

The moment one realizes this, the intelligent being becomes wise, not worldly wise but wordly innocent and inner-self become wise for the subtle energy is always connect with the subtlety within the subtle energy of the self only. It is here one see’s the Guru as Satguru wherein there is no difference between the Supreme YOU and the Satguru.


~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

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Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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