By Sri Courtesy:
By Sri Courtesy:

Indulgence is truly suicidal be it for religion, sex or mindset for it is it moves between two extremes one repression and another suicidal. One cannot truly survive in a normal healthy manner if indulgence is there.

Spirituality is a middle path wherein it is neither repressive nor indulgences lead to suicidal tendencies. One remains eternally alert, aware and in the moment.

Religion, sex and mindset can survive only when indulgence happens be it in form of worship, methods taught by culture and society or learned from scriptures. Indulgence survive on the concept of fear, guilt and cravings. Such cravings take the form of fanatism wherein the mutual respect is lost while only the selfish intentions survive leading one to push others away while holding one’s own views, thoughts and conditions as supreme. Such people love to live, be in company of people having similar thoughts and conditions for they cannot survive alone for the fear of being exposed and shown the truth. This is how a mindset is formed wherein the value of respect and truth takes a back seat leaving. When the mindset is formed the religion takes the rigid form leaving very less option for one to change the mindset and thereby the humaneness loses relevance, it is here the huge err happens wherein the nature of the human changes and leaves less to imagination for everything done be it right or wrong will have a societal, religious, political and familial control and rectifications.

The mind is held close and heart seeks to liberate while thee brain mechanically follows the ways. The body works through the suppressed and repressed body, senses full of dullness and mind held in shackles of conditions, fear, guilt and obsessive thinking. The whole core of religion is based on this for it is formed by humans for humans that is why all religions this pseudo assumed make belief that humans are the most powerful, intelligent and awakened spirits created by Gods, Goddesses, Spirits and Energies who in themselves are either fighting amongst themselves or loathing the creation themselves for they have fallen one’s or lust after the creation. The whole majority of religion is lopsided and hypocrite for they are make the females as epitome of creators creation and also find ways and means to suppress them, repress them and deny them them the way of oneness with the creators others creation themselves.

They too hold on to speakers, talkers, philosophers for religion so that more and more people are held in place for the religion to hold its control perfectly and in the rhythm that is suitable to majority of peoplew who already hold seeds of the conditions already laid out perfectly.

Even those who claim to wander off saying that religion is not right or they have come to show the way also keep holding the seed as a image of truth in one manner or another that makes them acceptable in the religious norms and societal boundaries.

Many of the so called Avatara, Aghories, Avadhutas, Jogi’s, sadhus, Sages and Rishi’s of modern times are nothing more than sellers of pseudo truth when they talk about liberation by holding the societal seed in one hand and religions norms in another.

A real Avatara(Incarnation), Aghories, Avadhutas(mystic), Jogi’s(hermit), Sadhu(Holy man), Sage(Saint), Rishi(Sage) is dangerous for  he is truly an enemy for such conditioned and repressed society. I always say that it is easy to talk about  Yogi, Read about a Yogi, Know a Yogi but to be a Yogi is the most dangerous thing and none dares to be it. When one reads about a Yogi or sits, knows a average Yogi everything is perfectly right why? The reason is the book or Internet page or E-Book you read is in your hands, even sitting with a average Yogi is like a normal thing. But it is another thing to confront a real Yogi, He is not falling in for you, He is not allowing you be there  rather You are falling into His hands, This is dangerous for a fear of you losing yourself is there, all conditions so precious, all thoughts so preciously collected, all ways you thought were righteous will fall away and then the resistance happens from falling, from giving away all those.

The resistance takes the form of denial of the True one for it is the best way, make the True one the one who lost way, who is wrong, who has lost the ethics. This is the powerful way that resists one to face a real Avatara(Incarnation), Aghories, Avadhutas(mystic), Jogi’s(hermit), Sadhu(Holy man), Sage(Saint), Rishi(Sage) for they never attach any importance to the societal norms or ways but hold the righteous way as the only way for attaining the Supreme Self of Selflessness.

Condition mind holds everything at bay they cannot understand the Brahm (Supreme Consciousness), though they may talk about it at length write huge treatise on it but they know nothing for once they know they will have no conditions. The burial ground, Cremation ground, birth place, birth, become the Cast-e(Mold pointing to a right direction), holding the consciousness, mind, heart in the eternal cosmic truth becomeing the C-reed (Vibrational energy field controlled by the Element held in place by Cosmic element). This is the state of Spirituality where nothing is there except Energy, Matter and Consciousness, rest all pseudo claimants are truly following a perverted way.

Spiritual beings begin the life from understanding of death, for in death nothing dies. Life is still there for the more one looks deeply, one finds life continues after death, the death known is immaterial, its relevance is not there for life is eternal and timeless. The physical gross body dies, the death happens to  the body not the life, the alive spirit continues.

The religious one’s do Post death ceremonies to appease the spirits, while the spirit will be eternally here but the soul moves on. Religious one’s can never understand this, they go by books, they go by fear, they go by conditions, they dare not experiment, they hold on to dear body life trying to please the dead bodies while fearing the alive spirits. The religious practices become more stranger with each passing groups, communities within the religion and more stranger in other religions and its groups and sub-groups.  With the passage of time more or less most of the rituals have gone of hands to such an extent that people have started manipulating it with all sorts of illogical and irrational explanation giving it a makeover of some scriptural pointers or some living soul or past messengers.

The spirit of now is having the most ancient roots that can never be appeased for it is not bothered  about religious dogmas for it is connected to the one’s that it was connected when physically alive on the basis of  Love, Commitment, Sexual Faithfulness, Humility,  Patience, Forgiveness, Honesty, Trust, Selflessness, compassion, at the levels of communication on Etheric levels.


~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

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Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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