Brahm Citta- II

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From a tender age of a child one is trained and made to believe that one should be respecting and loving parents, worship God and  give due respect to Teachers. But with passage of time one finds that the love and respect for parents, God and teachers  vanish fast.

As one grows one finds that it is so easy for the child to push away the parents and teachers as if they never meant anything to them but there remains a little fear for God that too when situations and scenarios demand else one keeps on denying it or demeaning it again whenever needed and wanted. This is the main reason one finds that as child stands on the feet they move away from the traditional families with passage of time and parents move into old age homes or are forced to live a suppressed life. Select few teachers are remembered and most of them are literally forgotten.

 The main reason is the lack of strong foundation that parents and teachers fail to provide to children.

This is crucial for every parents and teachers claim and are considered to be holding on to a heritage and culture they feel is worth. But are they even aware of them in the first place. They have been following what was told to them and since they thought it just a process to get over with, rarely they asked questions and even if they asked questions they rarely got a convincing answer. If the parents themselves are not trained in the cultural ethics then they would feel most of the things mechanical and doubtful thus they in turn force the children to follow the way, similarly teachers take the task as a money earning ventures wherein they are just passing on the knowledge they gathered or as per education schedule and pass it on.

Under such circumstances the half baked knowledge and raw and aggressive holding on the culture gives them no right to pass them to the children for the children are going to lesser value than them. And with passage of time one fails to even relate to any of the ceremonies or festivals except that it becomes a show of money, power and politics.

The Gods they worship during certain times in a day or selective days or months are dumped but it is rarely done with loudness and openness as rest of the holders of cultural ethics and heritage will criticize you or ostracize you.

Thus over a period of time many of the original processes, methods and tools have lost to the time for lack of interest and desire to know about them, instead it has been replaced with a strong conditional norm that does not allow one to even allow one to listen to a way even if someone is saying the same.

Those who know the truth have a long way to go for Truth is the most difficult penance one has to follow, if things have to change. For those with conditions will hate you for telling the truth. They will call you names. They may even kill you, but you must tell the truth. If you live in truth, God will always stand with you.

The truth has to be shown to children first for they have more open and clear mind, they are ready to listen to the truth and also have ability to understand it, work on it and if they find it real are more than ready to accept it. The more clearly one is able to say the truth the children are able to accept it. Simultaneously with children the same Elders and seniors from whom children learn have to start the relearning the process that life is not limited  to them too but even the teachers have to learn the ways to allow them to regain the depth and knowledge they have lost. This truth is needed for the parents to become true ideals for children to accept. When the knowledge is truly universal Gods will shed there masks of localized deities or Gods of certain religions and vanish leading one to realize the value of senses within that allows one to realize the truth by individual self.

This in future shall lead one to connect to the Sabda-Brahma within in the most powerful manner and slowly one shall shed those layers which hold back other subtle truth too shall find that it has gained access into Brahm-Citta.

The truth I have been talking about is not of God Realization but realization of You being the Divine. The path is not at all simple or easy for one may encounter many  inconveniences, yet one must try to carry on spiritual practices without any break or modification in the disciplines.

The beginning step is one should hold the name of Divinity in whatever form of God you believed in or followed should be loved, cherished and selected for continuous remembrance (smarana). If one is having freewill and is ready to move drop the Divinity in whatever form you worship and bring it to the level of light which is nameless, casteless, creedless, formless, and yet will allow your inner being to be lighted up, take the firm hands of the Guru who shows you light and walk with him.

This is crucial for one should not change names, places and Guru, once you have a Divine or Guru, hold and stay. One is allowed to move from one level to another when one is facing a Acharya for He may not lead you to the formless one but a Guru will.

This one-pointedness is the ultimate aim for gaining access to the senses within, for the core within has to one name one word. The one word and one way shall help tune the body to one spot within and slowly one shall expand continuously to the core within but then it is not the way, it is a way to be dropped and a new way shall be taken up once the senses truly become tuned

The core of the whole one pointed nature is that one should be tuned perfectly to the name and way, if one lacks conviction and will, then the freewill move into dislike and disaffection leading to a whirlpool of confusing thoughts and continuous movements to look and seek the ways in the purest and truest manner.


~Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Brahma Citta -I

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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