Brahm Citta

DSC_0442Very strange ways people have, the more we assume we are evolved the more we are getting stuck in the lower levels of devolution and illusory assumption of being civilized. But somehow somewhere few groups of people still believe that there was a time when we were truly evolved, not religiously but spiritually.

The core was not worship but was of connection with the core of creation itself; they were not searching for truth about God or in search of God as people today and few thousand years back followed;  but they lived a life of Divinity itself.

It is not of praising the energy but part of it, knowing it, realizing it. The yearning within the core of the self itself expands and connects to the divine energy in the most natural manner leading one to the path of living the life and path of divine being divine oneself. Here the communication of the cellular subtle consciousness was with the supreme consciousness of the divinity in which the cellular subtle consciousness existed. As time moved on the devolution happened so fast that the gross level of raw consciousness never could ever be able to comprehend the cellular level of subtle consciousness but even here the senses were sometimes were able to pick up the cosmic vibrations but was more at gross levels.

DSC_0515Even the ancient texts vouch for it for many references of the heavenly sound and its prophecies or commands or warnings that even the greatest Gods or people had to follow or feared. These texts even now form part of major religions and all the religious followers believe with all the faith of a true devotee without realizing that they have actually they are moving further and further away from the divine self they truly are.

This sound hearing itself as is a state of devolution from the state of being in the light of divine to a state of being in state of knowing ego. This gross level of hearing senses became known as Sabda-Brahm (sound of Brahm or supreme consciousness) but it was contained in more limited manner.

With the passage of time the ego became so large that the mind could never ease itself to even listen to the sound. There and then the deities came into being and worshipping of the grossest level happened wherein the self moved away from the subtlety all together  but kept on creating stories based on skeletal information they had from the ancient scrolls and writings. The stories too became more and more impractical and impossible as time went by to logical mind and rationale understanding for the mind was more and more conditioned within the realm of religion created by story writers and authors who believed a day in future would come having similar beauty and enchantments that was once part of the life. Some of the more creative mind held that the story in itself is about the cosmos but redefined in a certain spot on earth during a certain period of time wherein the cosmos or the whole essence of light merged in one spot only under a name in a place.

So what was considered to be a sabda-brahm was reduced to a level of few words and it was made to believe as a chant to connect to the sabda-brahm. The chant was considered as the supreme one and valid for a particular period but it was never universal in nature for even within the realm of one religious name there were numerous groups having there own separate chants considered as supreme. Over and above that each religion had its own specific chant which varied within the multiple groups and different mindsets. All these led to a state of condition that denied one to even know, think, relate to the Brahm-Citta or the Sabda-Brahm but all it boiled down to was propagation of one or multiple forms of God(s) under the conditions and norms of select few powerful under the power of sword or through a policy of divide or through a policy of perusal tactics or through a policy of business or through a policy strong projection.

Even those who claimed in majority of religions that they were not conditioned or relating themselves in any specific norms of the religion were somehow following the same norms under different names.

Those who truly want to know, realize, connect and Brahma-Citta  will have to be ready to move away from the conditions and religious norms for it is a way of being alive in the most natural manner for Divinity exists within everyone, only one has to Accept it in the most natural manner.

~Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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