New Beginning

IMG_20150428_142112It is so easy when people say, we are making a new beginning. Does it really happen?

New Beginning is the most glorious thing that can happen in life, for it begins with the sound of heart. The sound of possibility allows you soar high within your own self. Fear, excitement, mysticism, love, anticipation, thoughts makes you take the first baby steps into the world of unknown. You will trembling, you can hear sound of heartbeat, you know you are alive and you walk; walk into a mystical realm of life that is waiting for you.

The steps are not for reaching an end or to find the nature behind it, or even if to look into the reason or logic behind it, you walk with all excitement for you have fallen in love with it, it all began with the beginning. The first baby step you took. Each moment, each step, each breath you take, each thought all bring you to a state of surrender, surrender to the nature itself, allowing you to go deep within and connect with each wave of happiness and sorrow. You will not hold the wave, you will sense it, know it, feel it and then let it go for more waves are there for one to experience and a newer exciting place to walk into. The waves keep hitting you some softly some strongly and some even push you down but then you are not holding on to it thus it is exciting and you laugh all the way. Each wave is emerging from the same source and also merging back into the same source, thus the source does not change, but the when you walk you are getting wet and dry simultaneously. Each wave being a beginning and each wave being an end, within the vastness of eternal infinite life.

People, animals and other life forms come and meet at various intersections some big, some small while some  very insignificant intersections. Each of these moments we dance, we enjoy, we fight  and then move on within; sometimes some move with us on the exciting and unexplored path while in many situations people move away looking for their own ways and path leaving us alone to explore the ways.

Till the time one is moving, one always feels excited, for the waves and way both keep changing and transforming you. The face glows with a crimson hue due to the intensity of inner peace and tranquility, the forehead shall shine and every pore within shall spread the fragrance of calmness and peace. This is the true radiance of the sea and life that is the source for all.

Problems occur when one stays at an intersection too long while meeting people who are neither ready to move nor allowing one to move. Worse still happens when everyone want to make a new beginning but are only being bathed in the same wave again and again for none is ready to move, nor anyone allowing others to move.

In such cases of life the new beginning is always a dead beginning for it begins to die the moment it starts for water stinks, life stinks and the whole pathway looks like a burden. Even when the people are ready to move, they are wet and holding on to the waves without the initiative, Fear, excitement, mysticism, love, anticipation for they are loaded with their own ways and understanding of the previous waves. Till the time one is holding on to them the New Beginning will always be carrying a dead weight. Dead weight so heavy that it shall sink into the nothingness without even a trace.

The day, time and place when one is ready to make a new beginning, one has to shed off the dead weight get into the natural state of being ready for the walk again, heart beat is to be heard and one should be ready to take the first step with an anticipation of something unknown to happen then truly one makes a new beginning. Initially the path may look similar then the change is seen for you becoming the child with innocence is able to relate to the innocence of the waves.

~Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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