Are we Born with Ego?

Every single life form brings in Ego when born, but the level we consider is different. The Ego is of Body, it is at the grossest levels,  when the Ego at Body-mind level is least, while the Ego at the Mind level is not there.

This is the Ego that allows one to gain the power to survive, fight and live. Remove this Ego and one shall find the Willpower(Iccha-Shakti) too becomes dormant or vanishes. 

In Animals, Birds, Aquatic life forms the Ego reaches the levels of Body-Mind and remains there while the human mind breaks through the subtlest level of mind consciousness and allows the Conditioned Ego to become embedded into the core itself.

All forms of life brings itself alive through the spark of creation wherein the whole essence of life brings forth the imprints from the experiences that have emerged from Subtle Consciousness from the previous lives. These imprints in Hindu culture are called Samskara’s or Sanskara’s. The Samskara’s are subtle consciousness and these subtle consciousness connects to the body consciousness of the new born. When the body finishes its role the ego finishes its role but for the samskara the role only starts after the finishing of the body. What we have received what we have done and what we are doing all are nothing but part of the samskara but it does not have ego.

Even if a King dies he would have the same samskara as his servant or of a beggar but the ratio of the goodness or worthiness changes.

All that the masters, mystics do is spread the knowledge of truth but who wants knowledge people look at others only and say that knowledge is good but we do not need knowledge, people love to see a yogi, belly dancer or even visit prostitute but none will try to become one for once you try to become one the whole world of yours changes at different levels. The future generations try to interpret the knowledge as per their needs and requirement and these may be transitional but truth shall remain one only. The knowledge that the masters received can be yours or of the world but then who wants the knowledge they want all to be spoon fed with different version of the same truth but none wants the truth.

Due to variations in the truth the mask hides the true of the truth leading to the suffering and people believe this suffering to be the wish of the divine itself. Raga and Dwesha (extreme attachment and extreme detachment) is like the day and night where the differences are lost when they merge.

Body Mind Soul is the play ground of the Shiva(neutral dormant force and energy) and Shakti (dynamic force and energy). Body is the reflection of shmashāna, mind the power of Shakti and Soul the silence of Shiva.

Soul is inert it is a active but in dormant state of divine power it stores all that is needed, the samskara is dormant when the body is lost(body as such is ash mixes with the ash).

Mind is a crude form of denominating Mana for Manas is a combination of Man (Heart) and Cittā (Consciousness) at different levels.

Mana does not require body for it is beyond body itself it floats at the Cittā level so the additional information and data like samskara, karma all are packed in a simple format and then the mana works like fire in the homa kunda(firepit) and it carries the data for the next life.

Then what is the format for the carrying data

Mana–> Devachetana (Divinine Consciousness)–> Deva Anubhooti (Divine Awareness)–> Anantar Cittā (Spirit essence)–> Atmā (Spirit)

This does not mean merging of the divine energy rather it is a process of matching data. We all agree to the point that we are Amsā or Ansh(part or portion) of the Divine Cosmic Spirit called Paramatmā, if it is so then the matching shows that the corruption of the data has occurred and once this corruption is seen then the Yoni(source) and birth is decided based on the level of corruption.

Life and Death is  a continuous process of knowing that the purpose is to do Seva(service), why Seva for when you do Samarpana (handing completely over) for the sake of others when you work for others you yourselves would become detached to it, once it happens the cleansing happens and then the soul transcends the path to merge, but it is so rare to happen. For in form or another we make things work in ways we like though it may be painful for others then again the cycle continues.

Seva is a divine word which is a self explanatory word for seeing the Brahm (cosmic spirit) in every being. It does not require a person to move away from home but being in home surrendering to the Divine.

It is said that the Divine even provides food and shelter to the insects and animals living in the dry desert, but why does humans only suffer, is it that the divine looks at you differently and looks at other Jeeva’s(life forms) differently. It is not possible for we all including all the living, non living or any object are all creation of the divine so a Mother cannot be biased. Then why does the divine fail us. Divine wants us to know the depths of inner consciousness and also grow beyond the conditionality of the life around us. Till the time our higher level of needs and wants which may or may not be related to the process of living is based only on material needs we shall never dive within our own self to know the truth. There is a continuous process of tests that our inner consciousness keeps passing on to us and we struggle through them, not because the inner conscious is a cruel entity but it keeps one busy to provide you ways of developing the courage, presence of mind, endurance, strong will, fortitude, more mercy and love.

One who struggles in material world or spiritual world both suffer a lot for he is in hurry to achieve everything as quickly as possible. We have examples in history and mythologies to prove it

  1. Rani Meera renounced the glory of the Palace and walked in the burning sands of Rajputana. She starved on her way to Brindavan. She slept on the ground. She lived on alms.
  2. The Pandavas underwent countless sufferings even when Lord Krishna was at their back.
  3. Draupadi was placed in a very bad plight even though she had Bhima, Arjuna and Dharmaputra to fight for her.

Our sufferings are nothing, when compared to the persecutions underwent by the five Pandavas, Sri Rama and Mira.

The suffering of Raja Harischandra and his wife can it be thought of in today’s life, a King serving in a cremation ground, cremating his own son by taking a part of the upper cloth of his wife as Dakshina.

What we call as suffering is something what we create. Serving our family serving our needs serving for our cause is called Seva in today’s time but is it seva for you want something in return. The true seva is selfless, for others whom you do not even know, yes not hurting a person is a good thing, reading a scripture or following a ritual is good but where is your Manas.

You talk time I am just sharing my daily schedule:-

Time is crucial and is short so make sure you are able to utilize it for the best, not for self alone but for the whole of the life forms. Karma bhava (a heart of action) is essential, when you work for others then you have to understand the tendencies of others for you are servant of them. When this is done then the work is appreciated. When the same bhava is used for spiritual development you become servant of Lord, who does put conditions on you so you do not feel the agitation, imagine a situation where the Lord puts conditions, then the life itself would be miserable.

So you see Lord is kind enough to provide us breathing space. Now in the work place it is not essential to get appreciation for the work, but the essential thing is to be sincere in doing the work. If you look for appreciation from the boses then the people who pleases him will get all the appreciation, so it your bhava which matters. Be sincere, be clear in your understanding and have faith in Lord and everything else becomes secondary.

Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

2 thoughts on “Are we Born with Ego?

  1. Well explained on ego.

    I am glad that you understand the ego was born with people

    and it is essential to enable us survive “at first.”

    but it is the false substitute. People think that they have to destroy it.

    Not necessary plus “destroy” is the action of ego.

    So, just relax and laugh at it. : )

    Here is the way you can deal with ego. You might be interested in it.

    Keep posting your great thoughts
    Jade the Mystic


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