The Way of Apotheosis

When the season changes from summer to winter or vice-versa we find that carpets play a major role in the management of room temperature. So if we decide to remove the carpet and dust it indoors what do you think will happen? It will be nothing short of a calamity for the body, for it will gasp for clean air. The mind will not be able to work properly and only chaos and confusion will reign.
Even if the windows and doors are open while dusting, it still will be suffocating but when you dust it outside then the whole thing changes because there will be no suffocation and chaos in the mind. Besides, you will be able to dust properly and get a clean carpet.
When we delve deep with a closed mind it is chaotic and tense, for the mind is clogged with unlimited layers and conditions. The first among the conditions is the fear of letting go – but of what? Of discrimination in terms of religion, caste, creed, color and status.
Second is the fear or not knowing the depth of scriptures or prayers as per the former conditions.

Adding fuel would be the stories, myths and legends being passed on about the holy people in the past and the extreme sacrifices that they made to achieve such elevated levels of realization.

Third is the fear created by terms like karma, fate, destiny, and forced terminology that feeds the self from deep within that the divine must be respected out of fear and a plethora of conditions that bestow the knowledge where the divinity should exist or should not.

Fourth layer of conditions flows from the hypnotic statements that have been made through the countless
centuries that the reason the beings are here is sinning.

The reasoning is that hence they would suffer immensely while among the sinners, only humans are closer to divine and even among those humans, all who were renunciates and who lived a pitiful life are closer to the divine compared to the rest of the human and other living population.

Fifth layer is the power of self-pity, dogmatic and ritualistic way of life which is believed to show one the way to reach the divine.
Broadly, these five categories have hundreds of subdivisions making them look like a beehive and the
conditions are protected like bees that protect the honey as they sting with all their power and strength.
The only difference between the bees and humans is that for the bees honey is the life force while conditions are life-withdrawing force, thus you would find bees singing naturally to a blossomed flower without destroying its beauty while humans destroy the blossomed flower to enjoy its beauty.
Each condition changes, transforms and morphs into a hybrid form of conditions with varying strength and control depending upon the way the dogmatic way of living is moving and creating a pseudo freewill leading to a sense of higher arrogance, ego and resistance. The more this freewill is beaten more dust shall rise for the conditions have already closed and hidden the openness within. The will coupled with desire for change is required then the change would arise within otherwise it is a superficial desire leading to more conditional bondage.

Once the will within arises then delving within the self allows one to release the pseudo freewill, making the change happen from within which shall slowly heal the wounds and scars laid on the body, mind and soul allowing the freshness, innocence and subtlety of the divine to spread in all directions. When the self becomes subtle then the truth is understood, known and accepted with all true essence for it is not something to be grasped by the logical, rationale and dogmatic notions rather the freshness is the golden silence within and the path is lighted by a cosmic aurora. Sense of humility then shall not be just limited to the oratory powers rather it shall be illuminated with the light, power and energy of cosmic effluence.

This allows one to gain the insight into the way of a true renunciate, one who being part of the world has transcended the beyond the self. This is the true aim of the knowing and realizing the ultimate and infinite and each of these moments shall be enriched further with the revelation of the truth behind all that was being known and accepted. Seeking within is a path less travelled for all the seeking that one sees normally is camouflaged for behind seeking the true intention is petty vested interests and ego boosting names and acronyms.
The way of the Apotheosis is a way of life for one who seeks the truth in purest manner. It shall bestow you the power to make others experience it, for it is based on true intentions.

Come realize the ways and means that have been revealed for connecting you to higher dimensions allowing you to know, relish and be in eternal joy and bliss of creating perfect body and perfect mind so that you are eternally bathed in pristine glory of the divine energy.

 ~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Source : Maitreya – Sovenier

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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