The journey of knowing self is not based on the knowing of the supernatural or supra-natural things, rather it is a moment of realization every day.

I am sharing a beautiful yet very painful event of my life which allowed me to relate to some aspect of knowledge beyond the common relevant one’s.

This event happened during my primary school days, there was a period of time when I used to have weird dreams on regular basis and this used to create more and more problem for me at physical and mental levels. Having sleepless nights gave me more colds, cough and fever frequently greatly effecting my classes. One day I overheard a relative coming in saying “नामकीमहिमाअपरंपारहै|” meaning the value of name is limitless. I could not hear the context in which it was said. But it was something that hit me strongly so I used to chant “Shiva Shiva…..” for I used to find the formless shape of Shivalinga very unique. But the dreams still came, it hit me more worse and a time came when the whole night I could hear too many names being called out. It was like a cacophony. The more I chanted the more would be cacophony and more weird would be the dreams. I stopped chanting and found that the effect of the cacophony remained at the same level.

One day just before sleeping a time I used to fear the maximum I felt as if someone said chant your name. There was no one around the room, it felt really clumsy and funny but I did the chant of my own name and the next thing I knew was I woke up in the morning with no dreams or sounds nothing.

Similar experience was repeated in the days to come and yes the body was getting its required sleep and mind was in peace.

There was a teacher Mrs. Buddhiraja in my school who had greatly helped me in the Hindi language so I asked her about it, she looked at me and I know and still remember that look. It was quite piercing feel then she said “Try chanting God’s name, instead of yours.”

So with fear again I started chanting “Shiva Shiva…..” and in the night I could hear less voices, less weird dreams, but they remained there, troubling me. By going back to chant of my name I found it was normal and silent. My name became my mantra for myself. Yet the condition remained that how can the name of God create so much cacophony within me.

Years later during deeper levels of Sadhana I realized that the name was nothing but a medium of destruction of dreams, not specific to my dream but the dream or illusion world one lives in. Name can be anything or any it has the same power that any other name has, it makes no difference. All and every name is of Divine for it emerges from us only; it is the faith and innocence that matters. Repetition of the name allows a buildup of energy through the triggering factor of faith and in that whirlpool of energy the dreams and illusions dissolve. This dissolving dream leads one to have a clear conscience and consciousness leading one towards the attainment of God.

Dreams are visual forms of sub-conscious, conscious and emotional words that go on expanding and contracting depending upon the greed, desire and need of a individual. When dreams are visual words, the mantra in words work like a chisel and the faith becomes the hammer, their repetition keeps breaking the dreams.

Faith expands with willpower and self intention, it gains strength with each passing moment allowing one to break free of the dreams to remain in touch with the soft rhythmic flow of the chant.

It is this moment wherein one is free from the dream state, after this one can truly go deep within to reach the state of Tüŕīya (State of pure consciousness at body level) .

In normal circumstances when a person strengthens the gross thought waves one loses the willpower for it is fulfillment of your physical, mental and emotional desire not the Freewill of your Spirit essence.

Those who hold on the spirit essence find that once they have gained faith in one mantra, rest all words become energized on their own and it can be utilized in manner useful for one’s own need of reaching the depths of consciousness.

Dream shattering is important for it gives one the relaxation one needs at the body, mind level to delve deep within to know the truth. Holding on the word and dream one shall never realize the blossoming truth within.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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