A Blessing

I am blessed to be born before the advent of Internet, mobile, Google, Wikipedia, Facebook and Yahoo’s.

The mind was a powerful thing we believed in and our search for knowledge we never took help of search engines. The only engine was our passion fueled by our desire and hopes to attain the knowledge and wisdom that one seeks further to the knowledge that our academic life has provided.

Yes I was and still am a avid reader of books, I have a small collection of books some rare one’s passed on by my father and some I have been fortunate enough to read and preserve.

My learning till now has allowed me to understand that there can never be a substitute for a living teacher. Great souls might have lived and passed on greater knowledge, once they have left their bodies they cannot be claimed to be our Achāryā(Teachers), Guru (Master). Such divine souls who have departed can be respected and the vast amount of knowledge they have left behind surely can help beginner on the path, but as they go deep one finds that they provide more questions, doubts and paradoxical ways that by oneself one cannot unravel. My search had led me to many knower’s of truth and then I found that the one who knows will never fight or struggle to remember the sutra’s but passes on the truth in them not the way they are written or said but as a piece of reality that be related, known, understood and digested easily. That is the way of a living Guru.

There is always a feeling of being there and learning that no electronic instruments, texting or sms’ing can provide. Being with a Guru and learning is purely an interactive process, it is a process of not agreements or showing superiority but of learning, clearing doubts, Sādhāna. The whole process of learning is based on üdhyāmā (effort), sthita(perseverance), Dhāiya (courage) of utilization of Buddhï (knowledge), śakti( skill and resources) to overcome the obstacles (Parākrama). The process begins with a option of the self to begin learning like a child, a child Trusts, A child loves and a child begins with the concept of walking the path.

The Living Guru who in His own unique way of interactive teaching will dismantle layers of information you have overloaded with having no use of them or finding it more perplexing or confusing over the years. The chipping of the loads in the unique pattern is based on the Parāmparā (lineage) of the Guru. When the chipping happens the huge list of great Saints, Acārya’s(Teachers), philosophers, vedantins, Advaitins, Guru’s vanish with them the learning to vanishes. That is why one says one may have a hundred teachers but the day one finds a Guru, he loses everything but ONE. This is crucial for what one has to first gain a strong ground to work upon to gain clarity of the things within the self before even daring to work or talk about it.

For example Chanting a mantra, reciting a shlokas or doing a rituals all are great things but does one truly know the essence of the whole process, why such a action is done . It is not like a parrot one recites and one can gain Liberation from everything it is never so easy, the whole process of liberation is completely misunderstood greatly. One has to truly realize the SELF, this is the only way to liberation, the chant happens on its own, the way happens on its own but for that one has to be Self-Realized. There can never be a debate on the matter of knowing the self, for all debates, arguments, power play are all based on EGO and nothing but the EGO and those who hold the ground, only have heat within them of physical passion and desire not of spiritual passion or desire.

The path of Learner is based on Sraddhā ( trust, faith, belief, intimacy, reverence) and when Sraddhā is there learning happens, the whole essence of learning is based on humility and affirming that the knowledge is the basis for evolution and knowledge happens when one is ready to know it, understand it, believe it and accept it. The depth of one’s learning is known by the humility of the one and also the courage of the one to speak out without fear about the knowledge so gained, this creates a tradition (sampradāya) within the Parāmparā. This is the path of truth of knowing the SELF within the self that allows the body and mind to take to Karmā(doer) to perform the necessary actions while the INNER SELF helps one be an inquirer. This inquiry is answered by the Living Guru who follows a path that on the grossest level may look like a religious form or way but has far greater reach and depth than any organized religion, for it is a way of Light and in that light all religions, all forms and all conditions vanish.

Religions talk about a relief system based on heaven or hell, liberation or captivity, denial or acceptance, doership or non-doership, devotion or knowledge, meditation or enlightenment. But these are conditions and conditions only provide a temporary relief system based on the conditions they work upon. Each shall provide a different results for they work on conditions. Each of the ways and its counter ways lead one to a path of knowledge only, but being a conditional realm it provides a conditional result only.

A True Guru, will utilize the conditions in itself to break the conditions allowing the seeker to know, realize the truth in the most precise and logical manner. When the conditions are broken then only the SELF is remaining and in that moment one realizes the depth of awareness and subtleness that can truly bring a change within oneself.

I am blessed to follow such a Parāmparā for which I have to truly thank the non-existence of Internet, mobile, Google, Wikipedia, Facebook and Yahoo’s.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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