Whom to Love ?

Every moment in the life of a human being is based on the depth of ‘Kāyā, Vācha, Mānasā’ and these allow one to go deeper within the state of meditation. The more superfluous a person remains the more superfluous shall be the state of meditation. Within a superfluous state of meditation one is always confused with every single state of movement in normal day to day life and also is not able to connect to the core within to know the real essence of oneself in a better manner.

Bringing in deeper state of awakening and realization allows one to develop several good qualities by virtue of which he can reach a state of immortality. The deeper connection within begins through the way of transcending the grossest level of consciousness to connect to the inner consciousness at the subtle, subtler and subtlest level. The moment when the subtle consciousness emerges one see’s knows, experiences the heat within to rise. This heat burns off the outer consciousness and inner consciousness relationship while holding a singular thread of bodily consciousness as a path or bridge to remain connected at all levels. As the sense and sensibilities become subtler and subtle one shines forth through the blazing energy of the inner consciousness. Traditionally this path was known as Tāpāsya.

Tāpāsya allows one to move, practice and live a disciplined life having control on words and deeds ‘Kāyā, Vācha, Mānasā’.  This is not something that is impossible, rather every single living being has this capability to attain the real depths of consciousness.  Till the time one differentiates the Kāyā or physical being from the Vācha or mental being or from the Mānasā’ or the spirit being, one remains a suffer for He follows the superfluous ways of the grossest or gross consciousness.

All the ways of prayers, chants and words that praise the Gods and incarnates are truly a way of differentiation wherein ‘Kāyā, Vācha, Mānasā’ are taken three ways holding oneself separate from the one’s you are worshipping or praying and also separating oneself from those for whom you are praying, chanting or praising.

Nobody loves anything for its own sake is a reality one cannot deny for the praising, chanting and prayers are done for others so that you the one who is following a ritual is happy in the end.  The spirit being within you is the same spirit being within others yet is differentiated on the basis of ‘Kāyā, Vācha, Mānasā’. The depth of happiness at ‘Kāyā shārirā’ (physical body), Vācha shārirā (sound body), Mānasā shārirā'(spirit body) allows one to know the depth of consciousness, the more one holds oneself at the grossest body levels one holds spurts of grossest happiness of senses as the supreme, once they move to the gross body one realizes the gross happiness has great value for it remains for a little longer period, the moment one moves to subtle, subtler or subtlest body levels one realizes that happiness is just one of the emotions that can only work at the body or mind level while at spirit level it is always bliss. This bliss leads one to remain in a state of joy forever, this is the Learning of loving yourself first, instead of loving the idea of others loving you.

~Maitreya ©

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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