Second Principle of Learning

 Principles of Learning

The second principle of learning is Listening.

You may hear a billion things throughout your life, every day one hears more than ten thousand things. What portion of it do you remember, may be few hundreds, may be lesser. But one thing in a day you normally remember till the day ends. So one thing, one thought, one moment is all you remember in a day. Learning is a art wherein the moment you remain fixed your self becomes dynamic and your senses alert to the thoughts. This is the beginning of learning, the moment you listen to the thought being communicated you connect to the thoughts and in that instant one expands from within to relate and connect to the moment of learning.

The spark created by moment is expanded by the depth of listening, at grossest and gross level of listening one loses the learning, at the subtle level onward to the subtlest level one is able to listen.

Can you relate to listening or can you only hear words is a question one has to understand and live for it shows the depth of a person within


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Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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