Human beings have been blessed uniquely with the concept of Pacha Trsnā (five thirsts). One form of thirst is Bhur Trsnā which all living beings have is more related to physical body, secondly the Bhuva Trsnā is there which the mental faculties generate and finally the true thirst which though has roots in mental faculty of Swaha Trsnā flows to the Tat Trsnā (eternal source) leading one to reach out to the Savitur Trsnā (universal energy) so that the body, mind and soul reach out to the radiance, spiritual effulgence of the true wisdom.

The thirst in a life starts from the stage of innocence from birth to the age of 2/3 where it is a safe environment and from there the process of Intuition starts till the age of seven where the whole of the personality gets exposed to the state of the physical state of knowing and realizing the subtle levels which gets focussed to the state of unconsciousness.

After the first twin phase of knowing the mind expansion; the child in school and during education gets to the state Physical Mythical stage where the world around him is based on the concepts of assumptions, beliefs, justice and reciprocity to the world of religion which is mostly anthromorphic in nature. The seed of duality gets embedded in this state and slowly this makes the child expand his vision and understanding based on the concepts that flows from it in the gross subtle form.

The gross and rigid expansion is actually a stage of taking responsibility of the synthetic and false assumption which slowly takes the form during the adolescence makes way to the stage of fake belief of oneness with the religion during the twenties and thirties. This feeling is very strong physically yet internally the heart wants to expand and angst of knowing oneself becomes large. The same individual slowly moves within to take acceptability and responsibility of the act of his life in material as well as spiritual life. During this period itself the stage of paradox happens where the heart accepts that the fact that the state of transcendence is not the form he has been throughout his journey. This is the actual state of thirst where he takes the main steps of knowing the universal energy not bound by any religious dogmas and conditions.

The seeds of duality which was embedded during childhood has by now grown into a huge oak tree which has been spreading throughout his own essence engulfing every single cell of his existence. Removal of this oak tree is impossible by the self for the self is quite burdened by the weight of the socio-family norms, conditionality’s, dogmas, religious beliefs, for this the self seeks out ways and means and in search of one who has been able to break through the whole gamut of conditionality’s to start the process of knowing oneself in its purest form.

The seed of this tree has to be destroyed for this shall help one to expand within to realize the truth in its pristine and it can be done by ignition of the fire within the roots. This first flame happens through a subtle transfer of the divine energy of a Perfect Master who himself has destroyed the Oak tree and has been able to plant and expand the banyan tree in its place that soars high to reach the truest form, through a initiatory process called Diksha. This initiatory process allows the Master to sow the first fire into heart, soul and body of a disciple.

This process allows the seeker to destroy the accumulated cobwebs through the fire stick allowing spurting of creative and positive powers allowing him to strive for the pristine and divine which in turn allows to be owner of both material and spiritual worlds. Initiatory process allows one to connected to the ancient lineage of souls who themselves have conquered the land and were able to grow the banyan tree so wide that it covered the whole of the creation itself allowing them to merge with the creator.

The more the initiatory process is utilized to grow within the more the seeker knows he has been able to cut the cobwebs and make the oak tree fall without hurting rather the fallen tree has become the base for the banyan tree to grow and later it merging with the banyan tree. The initial fire is lit in a way that motivates one to work and rework within to grow deeper and deeper to know the Divine in the true manner.

The fire is lit either through the transfer of energy, incantations, through the power of eyes or from the physical touch by the Master. This lit fire is to be safeguarded and allowed to expand through the process of continuous guidance and implementation of the instructions being provided in the most sincere manner.

Lighting of this initial fire is not easy to gain for it is only through the blessing of the Ancient Divine Ascended Masters and command of the Divine does a living Master is allowed to give initiation. This Initiation process is not simple for it is a divine command that makes the ancient lineage come alive and makes the divine dance through it spreading the innocence everywhere

A Guru A Master who is not able to initiate the fire is not worth being close to for He is a fraud, every True Master follows a tradition of Diksha for it is the only power which transfers knowledge and wisdom into the seeker so that the tradition flows into future allowing more and more seekers to work within themselves to become the Masters themselves who could pass on the same knowledge and wisdom to others.

Copyright Soul Searchers & Maitreya

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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