Fear of Knowing and Surrender

The modern education system has been wonderful for it provided a two prong effect one to make things more and more complicated rather than simplifying and another it to doubt everything we really want to accept.

It has not happened over 10-20 years rather the erosion has been taking place for over 300 years. The slow way of erosion was started with a trickle of invention which resulted in the so called Industrial revolution. This was a phase of mechanical revolution which in beginning never showed its true nature but slowly the natural system of living which was stable and self sustainable was replaced by a society of Have’s and Have-nots.

Countries controlling one another not to rule but to exploit and destroy the economy to such an extent that even after the slave countries got freedom they were completely under the influence of the countries who ruled them.

The same resulted in the education system also, the traditional education system which is so vehemently criticized by the modern educators has been the foundation for their own education to system to evolve rather what they teach and preach are only the skeletal portion of the traditional system.

The vast difference between the traditional system of living and modern system is that the former was a process of evolution which helped one to turn the brain inside out while the latter is following the synchronized norms of following the sheep’s. All the inventions are nothing more than the base which has been already in existence.

Most of the things we study in modern education system like trigonometry, Pythagoras, chemistry, nuclear physics, economics, pure physics, biology, evolution theory, astronomy, astrophysics, architecture design, and many more are nothing more than skeleton information based on the ancient texts just been rediscovered. Due to this the base is improper for many and they start doubting after some moment of time and by the end they realize that what they have been considering as modern is nothing new for it was already gained and inscribed knowledge of the ancient divine scientists from different parts of the world. The modern way of dealing with ancient science has been such that it extracted the whole know how from them and once they were able to gain success in preparing the product or the event they would immediately take steps to completely sideline the source so that they could gain name and fame.

This trend has started to change in the last 10years where the modern world is trying to link the modern science with the traditional scriptures while in the recent years the new trend has started to camouflage the traditional spiritual knowledge in the new avatara(incarnation) of modern age spirituality or New age concepts. Though it started some 50 years back but it has completely changed the original face of scriptural knowledge. In the last 15-20 years the knowledge base has eroded from the levels of divinity to levels of logics, reasoning and egoistic bondages.

The science has started to open the eyes while the people have started closing their eyes from divinity to a sense of being God themselves. Surrender and humility was the way people used to evolve spiritually. The modern nature is based on fear for they have severe difficulty on this subject. They feel as if they are laying down all of their defenses that they have nurtured and developed into a tight enclosure to protect them from harm. The fear and doubt on one self creates this nature from within leading one to the path of self destruction. This situation is a great boon for the material world but spirituality and spiritual evolution is for oneself and here also when the closure is there then only frustration, illusory feeling of realization, a doubt lingering on happens.

The modern age seekers have taken inspiration from the inception or founders of modern science/ education and this is dangerous for the external science/ education can take a u-turn while the internal environment cannot take a u-turn so easily. There is no defense mechanism against backfire of spiritual quest. The spiritual quest begins with openness, humbleness, simplicity and innocence. A sense of ‘WOW’ and ‘AAh’ takes one faster on the path while a sense of ‘HOW’, ‘WHY’ takes one on the path of logical/illogical arguments, responding for reasons unknown/known, working like a chatter box and enclosing oneself in cocoon of self-proclaimed enlightenment/realization.

Most of the scriptures if you read you find that it is between two people one divine and another thirsty. The divine takes the form of Guru, Lord, Light, Shakti, Fire, messiah, while the thirsty takes the form of seeker, shishya, shakti, messiah, Lord, Guru depending upon who is having internal quest the only two who remain same is the quest of seeker and query of shishya.

Only when Arjuna was ready could Krishna become Lord and explain the truth to him, only when Nachiketa had the quest then Lord of Death (Yamaraj) became the Guru, the desire of King Janaka transformed Astavarka into Light of divinity. Even Lord Shiva who is considered as Adi-guru and Mahadeva became a disciple of his son Lord Muruga to know about Brahmagyana while many texts show Shakti as Disciple of Lord Shiva and in many Lord Shiva as disciple of Shakti. Moses gained knowledge from Fire, while he himself became messiah for many, similarly Prophet Mohammed gained from the all merciful Allah to pass the way to millions of people worldwide, Buddha gained the realisation from the illuminating divine fire to spread the truth of dhamma worldwide, Jesus, Mahavira, Guru Nanak ji, Sant Kabir, Meera Bai, St. Paul and many others gained the divine knowledge for they were open, listened, accepted and once they accepted they gained all to spread it to the world which even now people know but the acceptance has been lost down the line.

Great saints have written a great deal on spiritual awakening and surrendering but as time passed the knowledge was somehow lost in the sand dunes of time, selfish motives of propagators of religion. The origin of dharma or way of truth when ever it started was for the benefit of the mankind and also to show them way to reach the divine in the simplest manner.

Most of the teachings were done orally and thus very less was written. When the great founders of truth found that oral teaching shall lose their values they assigned the same to their disciples to provide the knowledge in a cryptic format which is not easily understood unless learned from one who has learned who knows it.

Thus started the concept of lineage and spreading of knowledge but off late with the modern education people have been presented with many more options, internet, satellite channels, digitized formats for knowing the knowledge. But this only knows the words in cryptic format not the essence of reaching.

Still today people look at cryptic words and create their own concepts through them and believe they have reached and they know; this knowledge itself has been the cause of their misery, they suffering and their illusory belief that they have reached.

People travel to places where great sages and saints have attained something and they sit in the place where they meditated to gain the same insight, but what those great divine people received was from within the place was just a tool for them. Once they found what they were looking for they moved on, Buddha did not continue to sit under the buddhi tree at bodh gaya, Arjuna did not stop at Kurukshetra after gaining the divine sight of Vishswarupa of Lord Vishnu, Prophets also never stood at the point of revelation he moved on, Jesus moved, Mahavira moved, the point of revelation was just a tool for the Divine is not in just that place or at one point it is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. The place the point all are decided by divine himself and when the time is right Siddhartha becomes Buddha, Joshua becomes Jesus of Nazareth, Vardhaman becomes Mahavira and so on. If it was the place that had relevance then al of the great saints would be still clinging on to the place. The place lost its relevance to the divinity the moment he revealed the truth to the seeker. But today those points have become religious spots for millions of visitors, seekers, philosophers while the truths which were propounded by those great saints, sages and messiahs have become more or less rituals.

Today people read one scripture and like Archimedes they say ‘Eureka- Eureka I have found it’ but unlike Archimedes they are not able to evolve on it for even before they can work on it another form o ‘eureka’ erupts from them. They jump from one book to another, one scripture to another, one motivation book to another, one self help book to another believing that they have found it, while most of the material they believe to be true loses its own market within a short period of time for they are actually watered down and completely preposterous translation or inspired work based on the scriptures. They vehemently criticize the nature of traditional science and time tested ways of gaining revelation for they themselves are not able to achieve that state of evolution. The readers on the other hand start believing that the things written are true but their belief itself is so watered down that it changes within few weeks of reading the material for a new version of even watered down material is available on self.

Truth is inside of you and is part of you and knows you better than you know yourself. It is impossible to defend against one’s own arms and feet or any activity of body parts. Anything you do to fight it will result in annihilation of you, similarly why fight or negate something based on conditions you see or feel for it is your inner that seeks out the truth and any way it is for betterment only. Once you remove the fight the frustration the anger, the confusion, the conditions then the inner will blossom and would begin to unburden you of all that you thought as truth. Each layer of truth that is shown only tears apart the layer for each layer shown makes you progress for it shatters the fear of facing them and balancing them. Fear is the crucial thing happening due to the thought of losing; this fear knows how to play, so it brings out the scariest forms of fear either in real life or dream life. This creates a format of fear and frustration in those who follow fly-by-night technique for they bend down and huddle in petrified fear, this is a continuous process.

The traditional pattern of teaching and learning easily resolved this for it showed a person the way to surrender to fear so that it allowed seekers to gain a mindset where they feel at comfortable to let the fears come and play with them and slowly move them away. This is to prove that spiritual evolution has a plan for each and every one of the seekers and living beings. The plan is not unfolded till the divine wishes so and there are certain reasons which allow the mystical nature to appear real every time. The divine shows each layer as a way of surrendering and more a seeker surrenders the better he is able to get connected with himself. The expectations are the first things that get surrendered then the fear the ego the knowledge à the nature and finally the self gets to surrender.

The divine rarely comes directly to show the way of surrendering only mediums are selected they may be Guru, teachers, Preachers, Messiahs, Parents, friends, colleagues, spouse, child, trees, plants, animals, or even your boss. The moment the surrendering happens the self vanishes and a sense of being-ness happens leading one on the path of realization.

The fear many have is that they shall lose their standing but it is not standing they lose but their entirety they lose to gain the world in totality. The fearsome become loveable and the nature turns wonderful with the self completely engrossed in the divine bliss of supreme.

(Article from Atma Sanchaya Dhwani September 2008, Copyright Soul Searchers & Maitreya)

Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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