Effort-Less Less-Effort

One person went to a Master and was continuously talking about his efforts and meditation processes he had done over the years and that after great efforts he was able to see and hear God and his life is being guided by God himself. After talking so much he bowed down to the Master and asked

“God is guiding me and he shows the direction, then why should I make an effort to do anything?”

The Master did not even look at the person and he took out a betel leaf and applied a little slake lime and put in few betel nuts and folded it slowly. He put the betel leaf into his mouth and then slowly chewed on it.

Getting no answer the person felt maybe the Master did not hear the question, so he repeated it in a higher and stern tone, “God is guiding me and he shows the direction, then why should I make an effort to anything?”

The Master looked at him and said, “Who asked you to put in any effort?  If there was even an iota of faith in the guidance of God, you would not have travelled here to ask this question.”

The person was taken aback and then he again asked now in a little humble tone, “But Master, I see God and he guides me, he gives me instructions.”

Master replied “Nice, you have a conditional God. Wonderful and he gives instructions! Even more wonderful. But are you firm in your belief to an extent that it transforms into faith? Only when faith is there can you transcend all that happens around you and become firm in the guidance.’

The person became more humble and asked, ‘what if the guidance includes others and they in themselves are not convinced of the truth of the statement. The minds of others work on queries as to who is God, why should he give us instructions, why should he select one among us to give guidance and why cannot he give direct instructions like it has been given to one among us.”

Master looked  on firmly and then said “Revelation happens all around, and only one is able to connect to the revelation. This revelation, if it includes others, becomes more relevant. Since revelation never happened to them then intellectual discussion is a way to show them the way. Only those who are earnest and concerned seekers shall be able to understand and grow spiritually while those, who just sit idly and have only arguments for denial and holding on, shall lead only a worthless life. For the earnest seekers all the pros and cons shall emerge within the self which shall help the person to pass on the message in a clear manner. The more and more a message is passed on to others, queries may rise and arguments would be frequent and each answer shall convince a little and when the same is applied practically, this firmness of faith shall clear all doubts and then no further instructions are needed. Know one thing – give knowledge and wisdom to one who seeks to gain knowledge and wisdom for rest pass the knowledge and forget about it, but the one who seeks shall expand within and allows others also to expand resulting in cessation and elimination of the Vasanas, stillness of mind and finally, Samadhi is gained. Revealer and to those revealed, form a bond that is  the strongest force in the whole universe for the disciple gains true knowledge and right experience in the presence of the Revealer. To remain unshaken in it further, efforts are necessary. Efforts shall lead one to realize that being still allows one to realize that he is God, that knowledge is what is required. Then from the inner true form shall awaken from the dead and know that life is a marvelous cosmic joke, a clever cunning illusion, and for that faith and humility is required that shall allow you to get rid of the delusion that you know.’

The person listened carefully and then got up and walked towards the horizon.


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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