Dreams Lost

Chaotic mind chaotic soul

Broken body broken mind

Breathing shallowly I wait

Eyes blurred body withered

Tears dried skin wrinkled

Blood is drying bone is fragile

Strength is slowly moving out

Lonely I stay aloof I remain

Fear seeping within breaking me

Who am I? What am I? Why am I?

Queries gave birth to me with force

Born with happiness with a family

I cherished and longed it to grow

I had so many so many dreams

Absorbed totally in the belief

Belief that I am not lonely

Meditated with purity of faith

Serving, saving and happiness the motto

Delved deep and more I delved

Found I am lonely all beliefs died

All family moved away, none knew me

None cared for me, none nourished me

The power within me shone through

A light none was interested to relate

Time when the body had to rise

Rise and hold on the occasion

Childhood dreams killed me,

Adult life may never happen

for I lie withered and broken

the eyes hold a far distant dream

A dream a vision a concept

So many came and went

so many sacrifices so many revelation

Yet I dreamed had a vision

Now I see it far away too vague

lonely I remain in the vast ocean

I know the dream will happen

I know the vision will be fulfilled

I know the revelation will be done

Eyes are tired, so let me sleep

Sleep and when I wake up

May it happen in the purest Manner


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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