1 Day 364 Days-Guru Purnima 2009

Wonderful time again of the year like Mothers day, Fathers day, Valentine day, Brothers day, this day and that day we have reached a day of Guru called the Guru Purnima maybe in today’s style it would mean Masters Day. 

For many people in today’s time it is time for just meeting talking and moving out again while for many it is a point of knowing their future, solutions to their problems while still others would be there who would just use the electronic instruments to pass on the message. The celebration now has become more like a message passing day or a day to just to complete formality.

Why has the world become so mechanical why so much lack of understanding the true way of living. Any relationships you talk about people love to makes days out of them which become a huge marketing phenomenon and people crazily follow it and then for the rest of the year they forget about it. Be it Mothers day and recently celebrated Fathers day, do father or mother have only one day in your life that too something which is covered by all marketing companies for sale of products wrapped in the most beautiful manner. Once the gift is given the task is over and then for next 364 days neither the influential marketing companies nor the people even remember about it.

See all around you and you shall find more and more old age homes opening up, yes it is a reality we have to live with for children donot have time for them, they are quite busy with lot of other work. When they are so busy up comes the day of Master, another day of celebration for He just happened in our life. It has become a day for many to see it as just another day for knowing the path of truth. Mothers day, Fathers day and other so many days are not having any basis for they are there for marketing companies to earn in billions, it is having the essence of love, respect and caring which makes us human beings. 

But then it is not the fault of people for they have lack of understanding why a day like guru Purnima came into being, it is not just an offering to Sage Ved  Vyasa or just any other Guru but a offering to one who shows the path of knowing, realizing and being part of divine.

Kabir had said ‘Guru Govind Dono Khade kake lagun paya Balihari Guru aapne, Govind diyon batay’, when divine and Guru is standing whose feet should I touch, I know for one thing He(Guru) showed me the way to divine so I surrender that I have at thy feet’.

The wordings have been much misused and misunderstood for none can see what Kabir had seen or felt. For him Guru was the ultimate for it is the path and his grace that showers the way and it is his blessing only that allows one to flower that which can be offered to the divine. the path is not at all easy, it is not just a word Guru but its relevance is quite deep, people today make Guru just by instinct and by emotional surge but they are rarely aware of the depth and surrendering which is required to be with Guru. Parents suffer physically and mentally to bring their children up and there world revolves them and for them making Guru means redeeming their stress and tension a little, for many children making a Guru means somebody who can make them pass in examinations, teenagers make Guru to gain good wives and husbands and certainly a new segment of people also have emerged who look for immediate powerful methods by tantric means and they fail miserably. All the segments of people move from one Guru to another depending upon the solution they are finding from one or not finding one from another. So we have masses that move from organization to another read plethora of books but lack the intention or the ability to work upon it.

It is important to know the depth of relationship and the pattern of growth that one wants requires lots of hard work and surrendering. Guru only demands he demands the best from you and the one who looks for mediocre concepts can only give you solutions which have temporary life and it shall only give rise to frustrations.

A true master only shows the way to HIM for that his demands are extreme he requires your ego, your intention, focus, complete surrender and finally You. For his demands  are not for him but for YOU for it is a process not for him He was the You once upon a time and He also gave the same to one to gain what is now ready to give to you.  The you in you has to be ready for gaining the insight if the excuses exist then it is like riding two boats. When True Master happens in our lives, nothing else is needed. If he does not happen, nothing else is of use.

If the Guru is only looked upon as a problem solver then you are wasting your time for he being the channel of divine shall provide you all that and more but shall never give the true path of knowing the divine. The day the Dharana, Iccha, Kriya and Karma merges to be one then the true form expands and this is the form Guru seeks in you for giving what he has found.

The lack of Iccha, Kriya and Karma has resulted in so much global problems, be it depression, be it war and on smaller terms be it family problems or societal scenario. People realize their follies yet are not ready to let go or grow beyond the conditional attitude of living a life of misery and suffering. People have very basic and gross understanding of dharmic way of life but not of dharma the true way and art of living. The relationships have become more bracketed in terms of religions and not in terms of human values, these same religions would have better value if united but then each religion in themselves is bifurcated and fight and tension happens due to the pure lack of knowledge and understanding.

Hundreds of messengers of divine may come in the form of prophets, messiahs but then they all are Satgurus who come to pass the message of knowing the ONE, people  never realize it due to lack of Attention, Interest and Desire to know the Divine. Thus all the messages however powerful or true they may be just remain as words and these words create differences over period of time leading to infighting and chaotic conditions.

You don’t know how fortunate you are to have been born as a human being for you have been more than any other creature. The animal is not able to meditate and have Divine-communion. You have been given the power yet you shy away and hold on to things that you consider priceless yet after every short of time the same priceless things become price-less. Why not take the plunge and gain the nectar which so many have gained.

It is crucial to understand, know and accepting the responsibility to yourself, your family, friends, colleagues, society and word. Why waste time in trying to find way in the darkness when all you have to do is remove the blindfold you have tied for ages and see the truth in front.

Falsafa hai zindagi ki raah ka

Ruksat hua zameen ban ke

Fir lauta is zameen par paudh ban ke

Falak ke ek hukum se

tabdeel hua jaanvar me

Usi ke reham ab ban gaya hu insaan

Khauf nahi hai koi

Jab chale hukum hubaal ka

(this is the story of life path, for I had left the place as part of earth to come back as a plant and in due course of time under his command I came back as animal, it was again his grace for I have now become human, why should I have fear for it is the command of Baal that I follow)

This is the fear that one feels being with the Master -the fear of dying. For it is only Master that has both capabilities to allow you to die and then immediately resurrect. It is pure death that Master requires and nothing else is acceptable to him for then only the way to divine can be correctly shown. The more and more a person seeks things which are on gross and superficial level the Master takes a back seat for then only gross needs are to be satisfied and only Gross Master is there and divinity within the Master remains dormant. The moment one sees the path of one way being the true way then he dies in an instant in the arms of Master to be born again without losing anything yet gaining infinitely. Nothing is lost yet the gains are immense.

The one who is born from death in an instant makes the man into a child with the infinite wisdom, it is a unique relationship for it is born from death that too in a moment. This is a unique relationship for it goes way beyond the realm of mortal understanding for it is subtle yet dynamic, soft yet powerful, childlike but possessing the wisdom of the cosmos. It is a bond between the deathlessness and life-fullness, it is a moment of celebration for it is the golden bridge between the known –known to known-unknown. For gaining this state it is essential to take the plunge and die. Being born from death is the way for courageous for no ordinary mortal with fear within can walk this path of eternal voyage. For many I am Master for many I am a friend but in the eyes of the Divine I am a messenger, one who seeks people who are courageous to carry the your cross on your own shoulders.

The moment surrender happens then the identification with the particular body vanishes, the Guru, the one name you have been calling only brings constraint to you for there is not just one form and one name, but there is no name I do not bear and there is no form which is not mine.

The words you read and hear are not mine for they are only reflecting you and when that mirror breaks and you take the born from death path then He speaks. I am no more present for I function like the hollow bamboo in which He has created the holes which allows Him to communicate. The words flow through like the Ganges but then it is not just a river it a ocean and it all depends how one sees it, feels it, swims in it or immerses into it to gain the immense wealth that truly is priceless.

The restriction is not there for the Divine never believes in holding on or forcing certain things for HE believes in letting go and making sure that after years of running, or millions of lives of running a moment shall come when you shall stop and that day would be for rejoicing the wealth of divine. Why not stop now and gain the bliss for he is not going anywhere and even after so much running you have not moved an inch for all that suffering you face is like a dream and everyday you have a new dream and every day every moment you suffer, why is it not possible to have a night without dream suffering. This path is not easy and like I said certain norms are put in so that maturity comes with you, for the norms are not conditions it is a way that allows every soul to be a part of the divine plan. Conditions create slaves while norms awaken the way of being allowing one to expand within or outside.

This is a moment of expressing our gratitude to the age old system of showing and gaining the divine grace. This system has allowed so many messengers to flow into this world to show the path in different streams yet all finally merging into one. It is this system of Acceptance, surrender, sacrifice that has given me the true way of living the path dharma and also it is pure grace of divine that he has given me this opportunity now in this birth to become the flute for him. The music which flows through me to you offers pure freedom for some it may sound holding back or  may be for some a punishment for them but for me it is pure ecstasy, I need not have the material freedom, for being flute in his hands is the most beautiful thing that has happened in my life. The moment it transformed me and showed me his way I lost my freedom, for I cannot even move, talk without him being present and it is more painful now to come to material level and talk and move. You have the world with you yet you donot want to control it with power rather Being there and to Be in itself shows other people the way to the divine. It is divine bliss.

I have seen and heard people talking about great saints and sages from their culture forgetting the very fact that if a sage is realized he becomes part of the Divine and not of some culture, for it is again gross human limited knowledge that talks. And the more interesting thing is that they debate on them and write huge thesis on them but ask them to tread the path then realization occurs how much it is difficult to even take one step. So I would request all those learned men who easily flip the pages of autobiographies and biographies of great sage and saints to actually take the first step to even understand what it is like and how much responsibility and accountability lies with them. Just a day in the whole of year try to become like the Master for then only you can pay gratitude to them, for only a Shiva can worship Shiva none else can do it similarly only a Master can obeisance to another Master, so why not take the first step.

‘Ekam satyam viprah bahuda vadanti’ the truth can only be one and it is conveyed differently by different people. The truth remains ‘Atmano mokshartam jagat hitya cha’ meaning the true way has to be self realization and for the good of the world.  Masters are here not to see the fruits from the seeds they sow, it is for the world to see for by the time the plant grows and has fruits Master may not be there yet the plant has the fragrance of the divinity that the Master once gained and it shows the way. Master is one without the I flowing in the stream of the divinity he leaves behind the words that become the mantra and his Kriya becomes the tantra while path taken is the yantra for the select few courageous of future generations to follow and gain the realization. Come take the path I command thee for it shall take you to Dharma the way of righteousness and those who still hold on to words will see superficiality in me, see me know me and you know something is happening merge with me and you shall realize the truth of the Name for none exists within or outside yet it vibrant with sound.

 For me you do not exist; the world does; for when I move to world I am one with them and it flows with me, all the experiences merge to show me the truth of Jiva-atma and Paramatma, it is a way of service for when I serve I am serving not the jiva but the atma within thus I am still with paramatma. I may be wrong but then I am in bliss so if you want the same bliss come take the path and serve the atma with atma and it shall become the soul food leading to atmiya santripti (soulful contentment).   It is not about touching feet, washing feet but being one with the one who sees, plays and enjoys every moment, touching feet and washing feet is gross it does not create a bonding it is only internal surrender, tapas and sadhana and love that creates a bond otherwise it is nothing more than a painful bondage. It is a process of exposing yourself and it is a process of knowing the depths of sadhana you have reached to realize the heights of spiritual progress you have made. The process is about Chitta darshana(knowing and utilizing the intelligence) and not about chintan Darshan(worries and tension and guilt trips) it is a way of sankalpam (oath) to commit to the vision and mission of Master so that you are able to pass the vision and mission flagstaff to the future generation keeping the Dharma in the purest form.

It is impossible that down the ages you have never come across a luminous tower of light — you must have done. The greater possibility is that not only once, but many times you may have come across a luminous tower of light — but you have missed. Don’t miss this time! On this day of Guru Purnima let it be a day of enlightenment the day of actualizing the vision and mission of divine. It is here! You can hear that celestial sound; that music is happening. And you can be soaked into my fragrance. It depends on you — how much you are ready to take, how much you are willing to take, how much you are going to be with me, how deeply.


Published by Maitreya

Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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