Raal Meditation Practice

Sureetha ji, Bengaluru, (Molecular Biologist)

Course Done: Raal, Svara Vijnana, 3rd Eye Meditation

Yeah…”Reality ” changes with just a few breaths….So grateful to feel energy flow, sounds, chants and blissful silence….No strain just a natural sinking in… lovely and simple yet so deep…. Meditations  and Guidance…thank you Maitreyaji

Sreekumar, Bengaluru (Digital Marketing Consultant, Brand Communications, Photographer, Spiritualist)

Course Done: Raal, Svara Vijnana, Divya Chetana, Ananth, Param, Shunya, Kabaal

The exposure of another reality is truly serious where the current real seems to be just a passing by. I still have a lot to work on myself but this Light way is a comfortable journey of self discovery where I feel looked after and cared under the Masters hand.

Just a few breaths, no chant no rituals and u break into a beautiful world where i don’t know I 🙂 as Maitreya ji would say in the end so maṅy times over -How does it Matter? The answer to that would be a question – Which matter!

Once again a blessing to even get the chance to go so deep

Sudha ji, Bengaluru (Housemaker, Philantropist,  Indian cuisine Expert)

Course Done: Raal, Svara Vijnana, Divya Chetana, Ananth
Maitreya ji initially took time to slow down the breathing to observe gaps in Silent meditation. Post which felt lots of cleansing happening sensed of getting released from most of pores in head portion. Spacious

 Mr. Vivek Kumar, Sr. Systems Engineer in .Net Technology, Siemens Healthineers

Course Done: Raal, Svara Vijnana, Sahaja Bhav

Defining Raál and its experience in words is not at all possible. But I will try.

Raál meditation technique is a blessing for the busy modern world dying with fake beliefs. Imagine how good it will be If you don’t have to ask a human being and trust him for his knowledge. Divine resides inside and how beautiful will it be if the divine starts answering each questions from within. What else can be thought of as TRUTH. Who else is required to be believed on.

Raál meditation technique shows the inner path to the divine light and realisation of TRUTH. ISALAC guides and shows the path to ISA (The divine light). For me its a beautiful journey full of mesmerising experiences. Each day is full of miracles.

Raál level 2 in itself another level of powerful process where the journey and the connection becomes so strong , the experience touches the practitioner even at physical level. Inner peace is the word one would use when he comes out from the process. Beauty of the process is that you might come out of the process physically , but you are already a part of it forever and the journey continues even when you are awake, walking eating , sleeping, etc. Blessings of healing more powerful than Reiki is just a bi-product of the process. Raál 2 teaches one to balance all of his 5 elements with energies like Piousness, Consciousness and Surrender energy.

Koti dhanyavaad to the Nature for introducing me to Shree Maitreya ji, and Sahasra Koti dhanyavaad to Shree Maitreya ji for introducing me to Isalac.

Svara Vijnana

Sharmila ji, Chennai

Course Done: Raal, Svara Vijnana

Maitreyaji, since I started practising, I feel prominent buzzing in  both my palms. More in the left. I can feel tingling/pulling in other parts as well.

 Lalitha ji, Homemaker, Meditation Teacher, Singer, Philatropist, (Chennai)

Course Done: Raal, Svara Vijnana, Divya Chetana

Comment: Svara vijnan,quenches the questioning part of experiences,revealing science behind breath and diff levels of it. While Raal,as simple it is,heals,connects and takes one deeper and deeper instantaneous ly just making one witness ,Being the Being.

 Svara Vijnana Experience
Sharmila Murugavel ji, Bengaluru
(Homemaker, Yoga Teacher, Philantrophist, Creative workshop)

Courses Done Raal, Svara Vijnana, Divya Chetana, Sahaja Bhava, Ananth Yoga

 KANCHAN ji, Bengaluru (Homemaker)