Raál -The Way of Truth

Raál (Light Way of Truth) is a unique way of revelation that emerged from the timeless tradition of Cosmic Revealed Conscious Truth. It moves through the core of the Self at the levels of Energy, Consciousness through the projected element of Matter.

Raál is the core beginning of the nature in its pure essence as revealed to Maitreya through a journey that began in 1977 to beginning of 1980’s and then from late 1980’s to 1996. The core moved through the Ancient Divine Language of  “ILáťřű” making the  primordial sound of the Gross Consciousness when it emerged.

It is a way that moves one beyond religion allowing one to become free from the boundaries of images, distorted ideas of people blinded by ego and ignorance. The religions of the world block the free flow of Divine Wisdom. Even with the awakening the world of corrupt and narrow minded selfish beings keep putting obstacles in the form of  misinterpretations, misconceptions, superstitions, and out right lies perpetrated in the name of Truth,  perpetually expanded in the most devious ways and manner by ignorant ‘educated’ people for satisfying their self-centred goals. It is a way of connecting one with oneself in the most natural manner allowing one to truth be in touch and be connected with the Truth. It is a path of religionlessness where spirituality at the universal level of consciousness is quite prominent, expanding one beyond the realm of the esoteric truth that one used to believe existed but could never be touched, felt, known or accepted. This truth is not binding anyone to any religion, cult or dogma nor is it creating a objection for one to follow the way of truth as perceived by them.

Kri Álilā tákn (Caitya ) is the Cosmic String of Consciousness of getting real and dropping of the conditioned religious and intellectual pretences which has never allowed one to know or experience their own Essence.  The truth is not just for few rather it is for everyone for every single iota of life-form is eternal that is never born or dies, having no form, but is projected through the combination of energy, consciousness through matter. Knowing and realising this allows one to truly see the disappearance of  poverty and misery from the world for then the religions, politics, caste, creed, sex all vanish allowing one to truly connect to the Energy of the Cosmic Divinity.

This transformation will solve the mysteries of birth, life and death and become true mystics, true Yogis, and truly liberated souls.

 Raál has Four distinct intensive sessions covering nearly 6 Zruta’s. This is an important way of knowing the truth in the most beautiful manner. The whole core within allows one to truly connect to the ancient wisdom with the ability of understanding and acceptance. 

Session One: Mastering the Art of Connection (MAC)

Duration       : 96 Hours

Session Two: Advance Truthful Instruction for Life (ATIL)

Duration       :  56 Hours

Session Three: Raál Core Meditation

Duration       :  192 Hours

Session Four: Raál Initiator Meditation

Duration       :  200 Hours

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