Raál Initiator Meditation

Session Four: Raál Initiator Meditation

Duration       :  200 Hours

True Meditation begins only when one is ready to awaken the forces of energy within and connect to the  Isālặc (Light Bearer). The whole process is based on Maîtreya Realisation.

The whole awareness allows one to identify core truthfulness  of the Spirit in Essence. This awareness allows one to pierce through the dream state of the seekers of truth. This is crucial for one to be with the truthful awareness. Based on the awareness one is then able to connect to the state of Blissful Consciousness.

The connection allows one to become a Initiator (Realisation Giver) empowered by the timeless spaceless lineage of  Lús-El and expanse of the Isālặc. Initiator (Realisation Giver) is the path of becoming of Empowering Master( मैत्रेय समनुज्ञातईश).

There are certain criteria by which an authentic master can be recognised and the role of the master throughout history.


  • The whole process involves Nibe levels of  Maîtreya Realisation 

For Whom :

  • Raál Core Meditation and approval of the Empowering Master( मैत्रेय समनुज्ञातईश).

Locations :

  • Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Chennai

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