Raál Core Meditation

Session Three: Raál Core Meditation

Duration       :  192 Hours

Deeper Meditation practices allowing one to be in true connection with the lineage of timeless Sparks of Light. It allows one to synchronise the brain in the most subtle manner allowing to heal,form energy grids and also banish negative energies within and around in the most easiest manner.

Deep levels of Meditative states often creates imbalances between Body and multiple levels of Conscious awareness so in this intensive, Maitreya discusses the mechanics of Mind, Body and Consciousness with respect to Isālặc and Lús-El.  The steps allows complete balance at body, mind, emotional and spiritual levels of Consciousness allowing the oneness within to emerge in the most beautiful manner.

This level requires deep levels of responsibility and accountability at body, mind and spiritual level. The acceptance of the path and commitment at core is needed to the path and Isālặc. This is a path of mind expanse and heart expansion leading one to gain the path of the Light in the most natural manner. It is a true manner of connecting with the universal consciousness through the path of Caitya for it is not stories or myths created by ego driven mindset rather it is a expression of the truth through True Experience. The stories are dropped, myths are dropped, pompousness is dropped to gain the magnificent truth by oneself to experiential application woven through the intensive sessions.


The whole process involves Five levels of  Maîtreya Realisation 

For Whom :

 Benefits      :

  1. Spiritual Depths of Life
  2. Purpose of Life expands within the self.

Locations :

  • Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Chennai

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