Mastering the Art of Connection (MAC)

Session One: Mastering the Art of Connection (MAC)

Duration       : 96 Hours

You will meet Rudrabhayananda and connect to Channel of Divine Light(út Ál Ilā) Isālặc (Light Bearer) Maitreya. The connection will allow one to connect to the lineage of timeless spaceless Lús-El (primordial light), that allows one to truly translate, feel, connect and experience the time honoured wisdom through Isālặc. The truthful understanding of the true spirituality can be understood and expanded through practical applications to realise the way of world flowing within you.


  • The whole process involves three levels of  Maîtreya Realisation 

For Whom : Everyone is eligible for doing this course

Benefits      :

  1. Balance in Life
  2. Connection with the Self in the most natural Manner
  3. Experiencing the truth of being here and now
  4. Clarifies Spiritual goals
  5.  Provides more all-encompassing meaning to life
  6. Removes complexities and obstacles allowing one to personally, emotionally and spiritually evolve
  7. Quietens the mind, allowing the opening of the heart filled with love, compassion and truthfulness
  8. Brings discipline in Life
  9. Communication strengthens
  10. Allows one to experience sense of wonder and appreciation for all of life

Locations :

  • Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Chennai

Duration :

  • Personal Contact 6-8 Hours.
  • Self Learning 88-90 Hours

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Session Two: Advance Truthful Instruction for Life (ATIL)

Third Level

Session Three: Raál Core Meditation

Fourth Level

Session Four: Raál Initiator Meditation