(Caitya Harnessing Apotheosis of Internal Resonance)

The beauty of meditation is when one creates a atmosphere wherein one is ready to initiate a process of settling in the depths of truth in the most beautiful manner then and then only body, mind, emotion, energy and consciousness tune in to allow the meditator to blossom.

 One in all reality can never do meditation it happens, it expands and it connects within the core of you to blossom and expand the very essence of you in such a manner that your whole persona projects and reflects a aura of calmness, peace and tranquillity.

You are invited to a unique opportunity to connect to the learning the revealed ways of Caitya Maitreya Apotheosis (CMA) that will transform and  deepen your perception, understanding, relation and view of life in all aliveness. This shall help one to change, transforms and evolve in all aspects of life in the most divine beautiful manner.

 Caitya Maitreya Apotheosis is not a technology or meditative process rather it is a process of allowing one to connect with oneness in the most beautiful manner that the universal energies open up to be harnessed in its full potential to relish the full glory of life in its core of the primordial spark.

Setting up CHAIR

Some ideas and guidelines to help you set up a Meditation Group and develop a local CHAIR.

Having discovered the value of meditation in a Caitya Maitreya Apotheosis (CMA) Centre , one way to develop and support your practice is by being part of a local CMA group or CMA community. There are many CMA CENTRE already, set up by people inspired by their experiences at CHAIR. However, if there is none in your locality, you may wish to start a new group. Here are some ideas to consider:

Place for Conátrio (Concourse-Samarya)

Ideally you will need a quiet and pleasant environment for the concourse. Initially, especially if you have only a few group members, someone’s living room at home might be suitable. If people are willing, perhaps the venue could rotate around members’ houses.

Alternatively, a Caitya Maitreya Apotheosis (CMA) Centre need not always involve physically sitting together; it can be virtual, meeting on-line or via Skype (for example) or it can allow a loose network of people to stay in touch, to reflect on their practice and to feel supported.

How many people for a Conátrio :

Some groups have run successfully with just two or three regular members over a period of years, however a larger group generally generates more energy and provides a richer group meditation experience.

Also, a larger group puts less pressure on everyone to attend every session. The dynamic of a group will be affected by its size. For instance, if you want to include some discussion or sharing in your group, some people may feel more comfortable speaking in a smaller group. If your group is very successful or numbers feel too large, you could consider meeting more frequently, such as twice a week instead of once.

Instructions in meditation for Caitya Maitreya Apotheosis (CMA) Centre

Basic instruction and guidelines for beginners can be given by group members who feel confident to do so.

Attending Caitya Maitreya Apotheosis (CMA) Centre meditation sessions led by Maitreya or Caitya Maitreya Acārya(Teacher in Sacred Knowledge) or Caitya Dizāna (Instructor in Sacred knowledge) will help deepen and enhance your group practice.

The form of your Conátrio

Typical sessions might include one of the following or a combination of some of the following:

  • A period of Silent Meditation
  • Maitreya Apotheosis Meditations or guided meditation – (30-45 minutes)
  • Or Listening to a Recorded Caitya Talks
  • Talks by Maitreya or Caitya Maitreya Acārya or Caitya Dizāna or  by Co-ordinator
  • Discussion on topics taken from the Books of Caitya
  • Discussion on Experiences

When and how often for Conátrio

Most groups tend to meet on a weekday evening, weekly or fortnightly, for one to two hours.

A weekend daytime meeting is also possible, and this has the advantage of more wakefulness for sitting and discussing, but it may be more difficult to get people to commit to regular weekend meetings.

Letting people know about the Conátrio:

Ways to do this are:

  • List your group in the UCSRD newsletter and on the website.
  • Produce posters, flyers or leaflets and distribute them to local centres, such as community centres, doctors’ surgeries, complementary health clinics, health-food shops, newsagents, libraries etc.
  • Leave some of your group leaflets at Caitya Maitreya Apotheosis (CMA) Centre.
  • Ask friends and colleagues to spread the word.
  • E-mail friends who might be interested.
  • Advertise in a local newspaper, or an ‘alternative’, or ‘what’s on’ type magazine.
  • Set up (and promote) a group website, wordpress, Twitter or even a Facebook page

Keeping people informed:

An easy way to do this is by producing a regular or occasional e-newsletter. Most people now have internet access and can keep in touch with group activities in this way.

Developing your Caitya Maitreya Apotheosis (CMA) Centre

When the group grows one may consider hiring room or hall as per requirement or on regular period. This can be paid for by a subscription or ‘CHAIR fee’, calculated to cover costs, with a bit of reserve for sessions where there is sparser attendance.

Suitable venues might be a Community Halls, Meeting Rooms, Conference Hall, Spiritual Centres, School rooms, Village Halls, Community meeting place.

With the passage of time it is better to set up website with useful information: events, contact details, Caitya talks, etc.

Those people who wish to find out more about meditation could organise a meditation teacher or experienced practitioner to run a local Conátrio for some period of time.

Conátrio Group organisation:

Though in meditative practices there is no requirement for a hierarchy, but as the group becomes large it is better to have a hierarchy so as to allow the streamlining of the courses, events, management of inventories finance and coordination etc. These are not rigid eternal posts rather posts allocated for a agreed period of time for supportive activities but doesn’t confirm the rights to negate or block people from reaching out to Maitreya.  Some recommended posts

  •  Conátrio Coordinator/ Organiser– to organise the regular meetings. Contacting Maitreya/Caitya Maitreya Acārya/ Caitya Dizāna , arranging day or weekend retreats, organising visits, etc)
  • Conátrio Associate- to deal with correspondence and a newsletter
  • Conátrio Financial- to deal with financial aspects of the Conátrio including a bank account if one is needed
  • Conátrio Contact -to deal with enquiries


For Conducting Programmes

Maitreya Apotheosis Meditative practices are preferably done in a day or over a weekend duration or some extent for longer duration of time. This allows one to gain the depth and expanse of the meditative processes that are working through you. Most of the Maitreya Apotheosis Meditative go through a process of  Rites of Bamitzvah. This helps the seeker of Truth to go deeper and more sustained way of meditative practices. Weekend and daylong sessions of initial levels are suitable for new members. During the session with Maitreya one is able to gain deeper understanding of the meditative practices through different instructions and deep explanation of the subject in a clear manner with practical aspects that allow the seeker to gain and attain more by attending such programmes. The sessions are pretty active and covers lots of meditational process with a open environment allowing one to a two way communication all the more adding to the depth of the seeker. Such programmes need to be booked in advance and mostly updated dates and schedules of the same are available with all the  Caitya Maitreya Apotheosis (CMA) Centre’s or are visible on the website.

Caitya Maitreya Apotheosis (CMA) Centre the Caitya Maitreya Acārya/ Caitya Dizāna may be present but they too need to be booked well in advance due to their personal/ professional commitments

Requirements for the Program

  • You will need  a quiet, adequately ventilated hall, suitable for the number of people you anticipate
  • Chairs should be available
  • Do remind people to bring mats, cushions, blankets etc. and to wear comfortable clothes.
  • No heavy food before the meditative practice
  • Usually the cost of the hall (plus any other administrative costs, including the Maitreya/Caitya Maitreya Acārya/ Caitya Dizāna travel and accommodation costs) is met by a fee charged to participants.
  • In addition to this fee, A dana is offered for the Maitreya/Caitya Maitreya Acārya/ Caitya Dizāna, and a short talk about Dana given by either the Caitya Maitreya Acārya/ Caitya Dizāna or one of the retreat organisers.

Corporate/Institution and Specific interest groups:

For larger groups, separate meetings may be set up to study particular aspects of the Caitya or to explore particular forms of meditation practice suitable to the Group/ organisation.

Such corporate/Institution and Specific Interest Groups may have sessions that can be further expanded through periodical meetings and updations of the development.

Need More help and advice

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or through the contact form.