Homage to Ancestors

Namaskar to everyone, perhaps, its yearly time for paying homage to ancestors. This is one of the oldest tradition that has been followed by the world, it was followed by all the ancient civilizations and those who are existing till now, many modern civilizations are lost and some merged back into other civilization and they still follow the ancient norms, though the process has changed, so if you look around you will find the Indians, the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Africans, the Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Buddhist Parsis, all of them follow their own way of praying to the departed souls.

Started with the nature and nature, which allows all things to emerge and merge back. That is the core we have to understand the whole thing about whom our ancestors are part of our own respect, reverence, acceptability, and a blessing and grace from the ancestors who prayed for us to be here at this moment of time.

As time went by, we started adding up things to certain religious norms connected with the religious conditionalities. But in reality, homage to ancestors is part of us. The way we say that we love our mother or father, or it might be grandparents. It is not contained in a framework of religion or conditionality. We love them, we care for them, we are attached to them. And we are deeply connected to them emotionally. When we talk about ancestors, our parents would have been connected to their grandparents or great grandparents, if they had seen them. As the time moves back, you’ll find that each ancestor two generations before one is able to connect in a better manner.

Now, when this connection happens, what happens is the love flows. And that’s the love which looks for the continuation of learning from the nature. A lot of animals do that, particularly like elephants, they connect to the ancestors, they have a ritual of coming to a point where skulls of ancestors lie, they will come around the place and stay there for some time and then go but with the passage of time, though we adapted from the animals and the nature, we ended up with a ritual process and made them more enriching, more elaborate, more difficult and more complicated.

 There are two things to be understood for in nature nothing is created and nothing is destroyed. Things only a merge and emerge back. Now, when they emerge, they carry a certain kind of personality and the nature and the character. Now, this character is what connects to people around them. Now, when they get connected, you find that the change happens, the change happens between the living body that means the image the body, from the state of consciousness, connected to the state of consciousness that has emerged. This is the physical body we normally relate too.

We shall take few examples to understand this better. Whenever we are in trouble, don’t we see the dreams of the loved ones who warn us, guide us and many times the relatives we might not have met in years. But they came in a form, which you could definitely identify and say that it is the Spirit not the soul.

The state isn’t stopped at that point. When the body allows the conscious to move out of the body, or the consciousness just leaves the body to merge back to the universal consciousness. What remains back is the character, nature, personality of the individual which can be understood and relatable to the people around. If you look around the world you will find that too many people die and too many people are lost. And we’re not even aware that has happened but for the family members who found that a lot of people have gone missing in the wars, they waited for them somewhere. If they found the body then the slight relief was found for it confirmed the mergence happened.

Life emerged at the state of consciousness for at a moment of time due to a spark happening and then merges back allowing the spark to leave the body between where it merges back, that spark leaves the matter called the body and merges back to the universe.

When it merges back to the universe, it leaves behind the essential spirit of that individual personality at the place that is the reason when that happens, you are able to sense something is there where the merging happened. But this is only connected to people who are connected with the individual emotionally, if there is no emotional connection, the person may never feel anything.

And to whom will you actually say t to all the departed people. When I say all those people were the spark moved on from the physical body back home in a state of universal consciousness, in that state of universal consciousness, the energy redefined the spark in such a manner that when it emerges back it if not carry the personality of the previous spark. Since the previous spark personality is left behind in time, what moves ahead in your newer merging will be more connected to the emotional spirits around till that time it also moves ahead, leaving behind the perspective.

Then what are we giving homage to then we are giving homage to the spirit essence which is being left behind of all the ancestors?

Do they require food? NO

Do they require anything you to bring?

You know? They’re hungry? Yes, they are hungry because they connect with your spirit essence, the way you connect to them. Remember when we were children, we used to use these tactics of looking and talking pleasingly to parents to get our sweets and ice-creams or any other things needed. This attitude never changed throughout our life for when we grew up too, we use these tactics with our family and in professional life.

Today, sadly homage to ancestors is more of ego appeasement forgetting the truth. When we ancestors we are talking about parents of the parents of the parents of the parents of our own parents. And secondly remember, they had their own family, when they were physically alive, they had might have their own differences. But with the passage of time the personality remains and the personality of an individual evolves, with a transformation happening, which is beneficial for all the children. The Love, affection care will be always for the future, the child, the children are more attached to their grandparents compared to their parents. Grandparents are more attached to the grandchildren compared to their own children. Why because at a certain age, they become grandparents. By then they have become like children, the only difference being these children are more adamant as they grow older, compared to the children who are young. They have a physical mind, emotional mind that is mouldable. While the Elders, they have already become conditioned. Now this condition is limited to the matter only. When the matter that is the body is gone. Only the essence remains that the conditionality of the matter also goes on. So, they’re really looking for care and affection. It’s not what we are feeding them. What we are offering them matters more.

What we have taken on from the rituals and the myths and the stories and completed the process and it might have allowed you to know many greater numbers of ancestors but then 1000s of other ancestors are unknown. They’re unknown known for they also prayed for their ancestors to come to emerge. And the known ancestors definitely prayed for you to be here. So, our linking would be good with the known ancestors for we are connected emotionally. Similarly all our living ancestors have there future and past emotional connections, thus the prayers you do goes both ways from the past to the future and from the future to the past. The core of all prays should be for a better life, better connection to consciousness, better depth and better health and may we be better evolved humans.

This can only happen when one is able to transcend the conditionalities that have been passed on to us or we have been carrying on for a long period. The moment one is able to transcend the limitations one shall find life transforming and filled with love, happiness, joy that one cannot wait to share and live fully. It is a state of realisation that todays generations is tomorrows ancestor and tomorrow’s generation is the foundation laid by todays ancestor. So, the prayers go to the future and past in equal manner for it is a process is offering our happiness, joy, sharing experiences and how we have made life better for everyone around us.  Feed the poor, educate the needy, support the downtrodden, train them to be visionary and self-reliant for they are not as fortunate as you and this sharing will allow the world to become better. This sharing is not limited to humans, but animals, birds, flora and fauna of the whole of the nature. What are we doing, we are refining and redefining life.For the creation is actually the emergence. There’s no physical creator anywhere. whatever is emerging is the state of consciousness, what is merging is also a state of consciousness. What is reemerging is also a state of consciousness. The cycle of merging, merging re-emerging and then merging back has been taken as a cycle of life and death.

In reality, it’s a state of evolution of the consciousness. The problem is, with our own conditionalities, we are restricting our own evolution by putting conditions at every single moment of time, whereby we are dragging ourselves back to a small secluded place, which only considers that life begins with me and ends with me. And certain days are to be there, for respecting parents or ancestors or for wife, or for husband or for life forms or even for earth. No, it’s a lifetime effort, the way we have lived, the way we drink, the way we sleep, the way we enjoy the way we are spreading happiness, that should be part of offering.

If that is not there, then all the rituals have no relevance. If you are not able to take care of elders, who have cared for us for a very long period. Then what right do I have to do rituals for it is not more than a process for appeasement of ego. So always remember home is where parents are there, family is there and surely ancestral blessings remain for they always are part of family that makes it complete. The needs to be fulfilled are at physical levels, mental levels and emotional levels for these are a continuous process in the time of timeless time and spaceless space.

So, we should be very clear that at no moment of time, we should do some activity which is demeaning the blessings and the grace of the ancestors. Which is key meaning the prayers of the ancestors for having children who could continue the process has to be that we should be taking the path of righteousness whereby you’re not hurting anyone, harming anyone, under any names, under any conditionality of any religion.  

When emotional, emotionally attached people are surrounding you and you are part of them. You find that this leads to transformation, inner growth making life better. So, during the period of any prayer as homage to ancestor one should be able to sacrifice conditionalities that you’re holding dear. And then continue on the journey of expanding yourself in such a manner, that when you pray for the future, it should not be bound by religion, caste creed and color. Offer these prayers throughout life for it shall make life much much better. #Maitreya

Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Soul Searchers intends to raise the consciousness of people and to help create a turning point on this planet—a world where people are in tune with their inner-selves, living healthy and creative lives and are no longer swayed by religious dogma or politics.  The purpose is to bring the state of righteousness (dharma) back again in current state of political turmoil and selfishly motivated people.  We believe the truth can be known and realised through guided and workable ways. Thousands have benefited from the process of initiation and share them with your friends and family and together we’ll touch and transform lives. 


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