Sahaja Bhava

Maitreya at Tughlakabad

A Journey that began in August 8, 1991. I had gone to Bangalore now Bengaluru, Karnataka for a Sales Conference. It was early Morning after a tiring schedule from office we had taken train from Bangalore to Chennai. We had taken a break and I felt like going away far off to some secluded place by evening after spending time with some of my office colleagues at Chennai then known as Madras Marina Beach.
I bid them farewell and told them that I would meet them by next night to catch the train back to Delhi.
By evening I had asked my friend to drop me at Elliot’s Beach near Besant Nagar. We had a good darshan at Astalakshmi Temple near the beach, before they left me alone.
I could feel a different kind of sensation in my body as if someone is calling me to a secluded spot. Finding the place I just sat there and it might have been midnight. As the night passed I could sense the intensity of pull within my body it was extremely strong and it continued to pull me with force from all sides, even with extreme force, I could feel the calmness within me, I could sense the body movements then everything was silent.
There in front of me, H.H. Ashariri Prajnaparamita Aghor Mahababa Pinakin ji was sitting as if materializing from air. The ancient syllables was echoing in the air, for me the world around me vanished leaving me alone with the cosmic form sitting in front of me.
Practically my spiritual journey began then for Rasadhara-Sthambha was bestowed to me with Prapancha-adhara Diksha allowing me to connect to the Divine light through the Crown Centres and beyond.
That was complete awakening of the Primordial energy within me, for I just remained there in that moment within the stillness and in peace for many hours before realizing that the time was reaching for me to leave.
This awakening led me to prepare myself to truly raise the consciousness to the subtlest level to be ready to meet the Supreme Divine Isā

On August 9, 1991;The world around me was silent, though traveling back I knew for sure that for everyone else I was looking very different. A silent distant being but the inner moment of watchfulness was very sharp. Every single sound was quite audible, clear with visuals as sharp as possible. The whole body was going through a new phase of awareness. The sounds of rain hitting the dry land within was quite soft with the fragrance of self expanding throughout.
I had got down at Nagpur Central and walked off with the information to a colleague of mine. My inner calling was to reach Drugdhamna, a name that emerged in my mind and was pulling me towards it. Drugdhamna is some 16 km from Nagpur.
It was quite a task to reach the place for very few people knew the place. A very silent place with nothing but few hutments and lot of open space.
There was this empty space, wherein stood a old Peepal tree(Ficus religiosa), Just sat there and meditated. The same experience again was experienced wherein only silence within exploded to merge with the silence around. The whole body vibrated at an intensity that I could never imagine physically was possible.
The whole body was passing through variations of heat, coolness, intense vibrations and silence. All the creation around me vanished and the intense flames engulfed my whole essence covered in layers of waters and the pulsations connecting and expanding with each passing moment. The silence was so powerful and intense that it allowed a new surge of energy that washed away the faintest residual thought and nothing could sustain in that vibrancy. The expansion of the dynamic energy was without boundaries and all that was conditional remains within burned away with none to observe or witness it. With this a new kind of health was felt all over the body. This kind of healthy state of body I had never experienced before. It was like drinking the water from the very fountain of life that quenched the thirst completely.
When the energy subsided I opened my eyes to see H.H. Ashariri Prajnaparamita Aghor Mahababa Pinakin ji in front of me smiling. Truly the journey began for next few years were wherein I had to work within myself in silence and serenity. The devotion and humility for me was to discover the potential of intuitive energy Abiding in the core of the self within the layers of self, allowing me to return to the core to truly find the purpose of this life. It was moment the Ea Adva Lÿsa (Light Known) was shown to me in the form of Sahaja Bhava and Raál(Light Way Technique) in the form of  Maitri Bhava.

Sahaja Bhava is the transformation of the energy centres within the body to be awakened at the Subtle, Subtler and Subtlest form of consciousness. But the knowledge was already corrupted or misused  by many teachers. I was conducting lectures of Sahaja Bhava from 1992 working on the deeper aspects of Energy points using the commonly relative names so that seekers of truth could gain the truth in a clear manner. Initially in 1992 I had four people and out of that two were able to gain the depths of it.As time passed more and more people joined the way to learn and gain from the Sahaja Bhava. The core of Sahaja Bhava was opening up the inner energy present within the body to make one realize the Truth for it was a journey beyond the accepted norms and conditions.

In 1991 period not many people knew about Kundalini, or Energy or Consciousness but the science of Kundalini was way too corrupted for people to truly know the real way and method of awakening. Though many books were published but it were mostly influenced by Sat Cakra Nirupana a book written by Swami Purnananda written in 1526 C.E. covering description of the seven chakras thereby clouding the truth before that. The original thoughts  and ways were lost. Most of the Teachers were teaching seekers of truth that Kundalini is a dormant energy and it can be raised easily by them.

But in reality Kundalini has many meaning and many expressions, Kun brings forth the knowledge, awareness of the formless body which is like a open reservoir that with such a depth of energy transformations allows one to know the truth at the deepest levels of earth and also gain a grander vision of sky within the self in the most pure manner. But this awareness without a form is expressionless, thus Ď Merging with the Kun allows the formless to take the form of a pitcher which immediately emerges as a connecting point Lini which allows the conscious awareness to spread and expand perpetually. It is this perpetual expansion of the conscious awareness that is represented as coiled serpent which slowly uncoils and expands with the expansion of the conscious awareness. This cosmic phenomenon is visible and alive within all life forms around us be it flora, fauna or humans.

Both the above meanings put together provide a better meaning to the word Kundalini. It is the purest form of dormant energy, which is present in the small triangular bone cavity sacrum in a three-and-a-half, coiled up form. This triangular bone structure sacrum is said to have supernatural powers. Kundalini has also been called Kundli, Kula Kundalini, Nagini, Tapasvini, and Bhujagana.

All living beings are born with Kundalini awakened, if this energy is not in a awakened state then we would be dead. This pure energy works at five levels of the body Subtlest, Subtler, Subtle, Gross and Grossest levels. The sensing of the energy happens from the grossest level to the subtlest level depending on the awareness one develops, since the society we live and work in is too conditional in nature thus slowly the sensing abilities of the Subtlest, Subtler, Subtle levels of awareness gets blocked first by the grossest level of body and then at the gross level of body. The blockages changes the flow of subtle energy of Kundalini from its normal path creating physical illness, problems at the grossest body level then at the gross body level under the influences of cultural and religious and social norms. Slowly these very blockages gets influenced at the  psychological, mental and emotional levels causing more distress and disease at both levels of grossest and gross body levels. With the blockages influencing the grossest and gross levels one can never lead a spiritual life for we are unable to breathe as one with the Universal Consciousness.

Sahaja Bhava aydınzasvě(Awakening) was given through Distance as well in person. A basic Sahaja Bhava aydınzasvě(Awakening) was given through the readers of the books using very basic tools which related to their conditional minds. But those who were learning from the awakened spirits in person advanced faster  for it worked on the energy centres directly.

In Sahaja Bhava since there is no duality it is as perfect and unique like the creators creation the Initiation passage allows one to move through the Grossest conscious to Gross and then move in Subtle, Subtler and Subtlest levels of consciousness.

The core of the Sahaja Bhava allows one to ultimately to transcend all attachment and senses, flowing through the elements (Tatva Bhava) be it Space, Air, fire, water or earth allowing one to gain the blissful Citta (Caitanya) of oneness that is unique yet so common in the creation.
Bringing a steadiness to mind and vital airs (Vayu’s) allowing one to see oneness in the creation itself for it is all in the nature yet so beautifully beyond it. The more one connects to it one see the core reality pervading and permeating all diversity. Sahaja  Bhava is the totality which can only be realized in a perfectly non-dual state of mind for it is the origin of all that is originated but in itself is free from the cycle of existence and non-existence.

Sahaja means Spontaneous Emerging from natural instinct within the consciousness, which emerged from the primordial perfection, which has been hidden and buried under conditions, norms and artificial superstructure of the civilization. Bhava means calling into existence the core of truth from within. There is a subtle way of learning it and also for practising it.

Sahaja  Bhava can only be learned by studying systematically, according to a  Sadhana based on Diksha (Initiation) for it shall allow one to reach  deeper state of awakening happening.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Soul Searchers intends to raise the consciousness of people and to help create a turning point on this planet—a world where people are in tune with their inner-selves, living healthy and creative lives and are no longer swayed by religious dogma or politics.  The purpose is to bring the state of righteousness (dharma) back again in current state of political turmoil and selfishly motivated people.  We believe the truth can be known and realized through guided and workable ways. Thousands have benefited from the process of initiation and share them with your friends and family and together we’ll touch and transform lives. 


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Walking the path of self is a condition but being on the path of selflessness brings one about to the pathless way. Come on the way of knowing the way and in the process bring about a change within to get liberated.

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